Why Do My Polygel Nails Pop Off? [Causes and Solution]

Polygel is now an extremely popular nail enhancement product. There are so many notable features behind its popularity and they offer the advantages only. It is not heavier like normal gel nails or acrylic. The smell of it is lighter also. So, people love it and don’t feel bothered like wearing acrylic on nails.

Why Do My Polygel Nails Pop Off

There is rarely any reason to avoid using Polygel but you have to be careful about popping off your amazing nail enhancement. It is normal that you may ask – why do my Polygel nails pop off. Well, there are some actual reasons and don’t worry, we have a solution too. This guide is designed to ensure your Polygel nails are stronger and long-lasting.

Why Do My Polygel Nails Pop Off?

Going through a hard time figuring out why Polygel enhancements are popping off? Tried everything, reached the end of your wits, and still no clue? Wait, don’t file down your nails and return to your stub life. We know some reasons that may cause your Polygel nails popping off. Take a quick look at them before your nails get completely messed up.

1. Slip Solution Is Not Dry: 

Though it may sound a little bit weird, it actually is one of the reasons that can cause your Polygel nails to pop off quickly. But you can’t just skip it because it makes the consistency of the thinner you are working with. So, what to do?

It’s simple; just give it enough time to dry. You see, a slip solution is essential for working with Polygel nails because it doesn’t allow the gel to stick to your nail brush. That’s why this alcohol-based slip solution comes in handy when you think of Polygel nails.

But the problem is, it interferes with the Polygel and basecoat bond and makes the bond weak. Ultimately the weak bond causes the pretty nails to pop off early. So, to stop this disaster you must give the solution enough time to make sure it dries completely.

After finishing the shaping of the Polygel, wait for some time to dry your slip solution before you press it on the nails. The drying time varies and depends on the amount of slip solution. It may take up to five minutes to dry. You can use a tiny fan to speed up the process.

2. Long Polygel Nails Can Pop Off Faster: 

This one is another potential threat for Polygel nails. If you have too long Polygel nails, they are more likely to experience popping off earlier.

Longer Polygel nails go through more bending and stress. So, their chemical bond gets weakened by these forces. And it reaches to a certain level that the bond between Polygel and nails doesn’t work anymore and the thing happens that you probably hate the most; the first sight of lifting, yes, around those cuticle lines.

3. Proper Nail Preparation Is Not Done: 

This might be another reason for your Polygel nails popping off. Before going for the Polygel nails, you probably didn’t take the necessary means. That is the reason you see the Polygel nails popping.

You should always be careful about oil and water on the nails because they might turn the final results into something not so pleasing to you. So, to prevent the popping, never forget to wipe out oil and water from your nails.

4. Too Much Bending Is Bad: 

Some people don’t know how they should file elongated nail tips. And this one might be a common thing among beginners. When they are filing new tips they put excessive bending on their new seals. As a result, the seals get weakened before even setting up properly. And ultimately this weakened seal fails to make your gel nails stay on as desired.

5. Very Soft Nails Are Not Ideal for Polygel: 

Last but not least, your soft nails can be a cause for the Polygel nails getting popped off. If you see the Polygel nails popping off from free edges, you should check your nails again; it is possible that they are too soft for gel nails. So, maybe Polygel nails are not your kind of thing after all.

But before you do something on your own, you should ask an expert to check if you really have soft nails or not.

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How to Stop Polygel Nails from Popping Off?

Make sure to strictly maintain the following tips and you can stop Polygel nails from popping off.

A Perfect Preparation:

Let’s check out what steps are included in the efficient preparation. Check if your nails are healthy or not. The weak nails are not suitable for Polygel. For unhealthy nails, consider talking to an expert.

Cleaning your nails properly is another significant step. Dust will never allow the Polygel nails to stick rightly. Also, make sure the nails are in normal conditions, not too dry or too wet.

Do Not Use Much Liquid:

Most Polygel brands provide a particular liquid to exert to prevent extreme sticking of the brush. If you notice the liquid is applied unexpectedly more, wait until that is dried. On the wet nails, you can use Polygel but that will not give you any result.

Remove Sticky Layers:

Some base coats contain many sticky layers. It will hamper the actual flow of applying Polygel nails. Moreover, you will not achieve your desired shape and style. In this situation, remove the sticky layers and apply Polygel.

Do Not Make Polygel Nails Longer: 

You should try Polygel nails that are not too long or not in a shape that is difficult to handle. It actually means your Polygel nails should be smart in shape and size. Longer nails have chances to pop off soon. So, get a style that looks great but not that which is prone to be damaged quickly.

Check Cuticles and Side Walls:

Another vital trick is to check the cuticle area as well as the sidewall while applying Polygel. It is because the thick application near the cuticle can cause premature lifting of your Polygel. Most of the time, you can notice it after a week. So, it is wise to check first and avoid your stunning nails popping off.

Also, make sure the gel is not applied too close to the side walls. When it touches your skin, it will begin to pop off. Be careful to create a slight margin between the Polygel and the skin.

Why Do the Polygel Keeps Breaking?

If you’re not able to apply Polygel nails properly, you will frequently experience breaking of your Polygel. So, the key is knowing the right ways of applying Polygel and use the tricks correctly while doing nails at home.

To stop breaking, take care of the apex and the stress points. These parts have free edges and if these are thinner, the nails will start breaking very soon. Also, check the nail angles if they are weak or healthy enough to face sudden push.

When you realize the nail tips and angles are thin, make them thicker. Make a stronger apex by adding extra Polygel. Apply slowly to have your desired finish and look.

Why Do My Polygel Nails Keep Lifting?

Polygel nails are long-lasting if you do it rightly. But it can continue lifting for several reasons. Knowing them will allow you to get the best out of your Polygel nails.

First of all, if you don’t clean your nails, the gel will not last on the nailbed. Unclean nails provide an ill-suited surface for the Polygel. Dust and debris on nails will not allow the product to stick ideally. Use an antiseptic cleanser that contains about 91% alcohol to clean the nails properly.

Secondly, if you don’t use a bonder and primer on your nails, you will notice lifting Polygel nails soon. Primer will help to dehydrate your nails and the bonder will ensure exact bonding. However, you shouldn’t use a bonder on whole nails as it can make difficult the removing process later.

Thirdly, your unclean cuticles and side walls will uphold the lifting of Polygel. So, clean first and then put thin layers of Polygel nails. Also, thick layers can cause quick lifting of Polygel.

Why Won’t My Polygel Nails Stay On?

There could be several reasons why your polygel nails are not staying on properly. One possible reason could be improper nail preparation before applying the polygel. If the natural nails are not cleaned, buffed, and dehydrated adequately, the polygel may not adhere well. It leads to premature lifting and detachment.

Additionally, using low-quality or expired polygel products might result in poor adhesion and weak bonding, causing the nails to come off easily. Another factor could be improper application techniques, such as not using enough product or not properly curing the polygel layers with a UV or LED lamp.Inadequate curing can leave the polygel layer soft and prone to lifting.

Furthermore, everyday activities like frequent exposure to water, harsh chemicals, or excessive pressure on the nails can weaken the bond and lead to premature lifting.

How Do You Get Polygel Nails to Stay On?

To sum up the solution, we have noted down the following tips that will ensure the durability of your nail enhancement. They will stay on for a longer time without losing quality and hampering your daily activities.

  • Make sure you have prepared yourself to do your Polygel nails at home. Also, clean up the nails correctly.
  • Using a nail primer and bonder will enhance the lifespan of the Polygel nails.
  • A quality nail base and top coat are ideal for your nail enhancement. These products make gel nails more glossy and long-lasting.
  • Though you will need to use slip solution, but don’t use it much.
  • Don’t expose Polygel nails to harsh chemicals, strong detergent, heat, and any type of pesticides.

Can Polygel Come off on Its Own?

After a certain time, Polygel nails can start lifting. But this is not a solution to remove all Polygel effectively. So, you have to take help from some ingredients or tools. Removal wraps for nail polish also work well for removing Polygel nails. The nail file can be another solution to remove Polygel.

The recommendation is when need, don’t wait that Polygel will come off on its own. Take necessary steps to remove them correctly.


So, that’s pretty much everything. You are the judge now. Find out which one matches your situation and figure out the best possible way to make your Polygel nails last longer. As we have explained all possible ways to make Polygel nails durable, this guide will be one of your usable companions while taking care of your nails at home.

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