Why Do My Gel Nails Peel Off after One Day? Reasons & Fixing Guide

Painting your nails require time and hard works. But if your gel nail polish peels off very soon after wearing, your all efforts go in vain. This is a common scenario for many and so, this is very normal to be concerned about why do my gel nails peel off after one day?

Why Do My Gel Nails Peel Off after One Day

There are many reasons to peel off your nail polishes. And fortunately, there are many effective solutions to the problem also. We will explain why your gel nail polishes peel off and how you can solve the issue. So, continue reading this tiny but efficient guide and ensure the long lifespan of your gel polish on your nails.

Why Do My Gel Nails Peel Off after One Day?

When you notice that your gel nail polishes peel off after one day or more, you might think that this is happening for the wrong application process. But truly, there are so many other reasons as well. Also, if you want to prevent this odd situation, you will need to learn the reasons for peeling off nail polish first. Therefore, let’s find why your nail polishes don’t last a week or more.

Unhealthy Nails

Damaged nails are not suitable for painting with gel polishes. Check your nails’ condition. If those are thin, weak, or brittle, you shouldn’t beat the air. The gel polishes will not work on them.

Nails can split and it is because of the dryness of your nails. Overuse of cosmetics and particular types of vitamin deficiency can cause poor nail health. Nail polish remover is also a cause of the dryness of your nails.

Another thing you should notice is a white spot on your nail plate. Before applying gel polishes, wait a week or more so that the white spot can be eliminated. If you are really very eager to paint your nails and don’t like to wait a few days, make sure to use a nail polish that is non-gel and not made of harsh chemicals.

The Cuticles’ Poor Health

Healthy cuticles are the important factor that helps to hold the nail polish on the nail plate. If the cuticles are not in good shape, you shouldn’t wear polish. You should avoid biting or cutting to get back the right shape of nails and ensure proper health.

During the manicure phase, you should keep away from all imperfections that can cause peeling off polishes very soon. Thus, trimming the cuticles properly is vital and it requires your extra attention.

Extra Moisture on Nailbeds

Extra moisture on nails will peel off gel polishes too soon. If you wash your hands and then apply polishes, you will see peeling off polishes within hours. Also after taking a shower, you shouldn’t paint your nails.

While soaked nails dry out, they reduce the size slightly, and your polishes start to peel. If you need quick painting your nails, use a hairdryer to dry nails. Also, make sure the nails are not entirely dehydrated. Simply, they shouldn’t be soaked.

Not to Use Nail Primer

Don’t use cuticle oil right before wearing polishes because it creates a slippery surface. This non-stick surface will not properly hold gel polishes. However, you can use rubbing alcohol to clean the dust that is produced during the manicure.

And finally, if you don’t use nail primer prior to painting nails, you’re actually neglecting a great advantage and throwing your polishes to peel off quickly. The nail primer will ensure that the nailbed is ideal to stick polishes strongly on nails.

Improper Base Coat

To avoid peeling and chipping your gel polishes, make sure the base coat coverage is right. Ideal lighting can allow you to notice the actions that you’re performing while painting nails. Dim lighting can cause improper base coat and results in faulty painting.

If you paint at home, the spotlight can help to check your nails thoroughly. Turn the nails to different sides and pay attention to all the corners and edges. You can apply another thin coat to confirm that the base coat covers the nails properly.

Not Using Topcoat on Chipped Nails

You can chip your nails at any time and for different reasons, this is normal. But it is important how you respond to the situation. In this situation, you should actually stop doing everything and take help from a salon.

Also, it is a better idea to maintain a nail file as well as a topcoat with you. If your nail chips unexpectedly, file it and then seal it using the topcoat. It will help to stop peeling off gel polishes later.

Thick Layer of Polish

In general, gel polishes are thick. Moreover, if you put thick layers on your nails, they will start peeling off quickly. Thick layers will not stick to the nailbeds well.

Don’t hurry, paint slowly, and start by wearing one thin layer first. Putting thick layers seems time-saving but it is ultimately time-consuming. Because it will take a longer time to dry and will chip right after one day or less. So, give a thin layer first and ensure proper finishing with additional layers.

Lack of Right Curing

Making sure the right cure is crucial. It’s not easy but if you can do it properly, the result will be incredible.

Under curing will make your nails fudgy and supple. Over curing will turn your nails into brittleness. Finally, nail polishes will start chipping after one day or even much faster.

Why Doesn’t Gel Stay on My Nails?

We have already noted down all those possible reasons that cause peeling off your gel polishes. However, for your quick learning and taking effective steps faster, let’s point out the most significant causes that are why gel doesn’t stay on nails.

  • The nails are thin and weak that can’t hold polishes strongly.
  • If one layer of gel polish applied on another old layer, then the polish will not stick to the nailbed.
  • Do not wear gel nail polish on the acrylic polish; it will not work at all.
  • You shouldn’t wait more to remove nail polish after a certain time (2-3 weeks). If needed, wear gel polish again.
  • Putting gel polish on unclean nails will damage the overall beauty and start peeling off shortly.
  • Curing is needed in a proper way. Otherwise, gel nails peel off after one day.
  • Make sure the base coat is perfect and then, the polish will sit on that properly.
  • When doing everything at home, your working environment should be complete – right lighting and ventilated also.

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How to Fix Peeling Gel Nails or Stop Gel Nails from Peeling?

Imagine you had your nails done with gel nail polish and yes the shade you picked was something like a nebula that was incredible and done after your long time hard works! Just after a few days, you saw your favorite nail polish is starting to peel. Tragic, right? Isn’t there any way to preserve them?

Yes, there are ways to preserve them. Here are six effective ways to preserve your gel polish longer.

Do Not Pick or Peel:

This one is very tempting. But don’t even think of peeling off the gel nail polish. When you peel off the gel it peels away not just the manicure it damages the protective layers from the top also. This makes the nail thin, uneven, weak and may affect your next manicure. So, think twice before peeling them off. 

Use Topcoat:

This one is very simple. After noticing your gel polish is peeling, just seal the area with a topcoat. You can even choose fast-drying topcoats if you have busy hands.

Use Cuticle Oil:

Cuticle oil helps a lot. To keep your hand moisturized cuticle oil is a great choice. Using it twice a day is recommended. But avoid using it just right before painting your nails.

Moisturize Your Hands:

Gently apply hand creams every time you wash your hands. This will protect the gel from getting peeled away.

Keep Your Hands Dry:

Sounds awkward but works. You can make your gel paints last longer if you can protect them from extra moisture. And to protect your nails from moisture, what is a better idea than keeping your hands dry?

[Don’t be confused, your healthy nails require moisture and dryness also; but both in a controlled way.]

Do Not Use Clippers:

No, don’t check on your nails every now and then just to check how long they have grown. Clipping your nails would result in breaking down the seal and ultimately peeling. So, better go to the salon and take help from experts.


These are pretty much everything you need to know. Keep these tips in mind to keep your manicure strong and enjoy your beautiful nails longer. You may find an exceptional cause to peel off gel nail polish, but you will also get a way to recover the issue.

The key is to be careful and provide importance to your nails. Additionally, follow the guidelines explained above for your best-loved nails.

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