What Color Nail Polish with Burgundy Dress?

Thinking of having a great look with that amazing burgundy dress that you have? Then, this fine piece of writing is crafted just for you.

Picking the right color nail polish for your burgundy can sometimes be hard, confusing, and time-consuming. Because you have to pick a color that blends in smoothly with the rest of the attire. It also depends on what kind of vibe you’re trying to bring in.

Before you hop on the ride with us, here’s a quick answer for the question – what color nail polish with Burgundy dress.

what color nail polish with Burgundy dress

White nail polish is the easiest to blend in most of the time. On top of that, you can try beige, black, navy blue, peach, light gray, dusty pink, light pink, and some shades of green. You can also pick mustard, yellow, and gold which are the proper ones to enrich burgundy values.

There you go – now you have a basic notion of what colors go well with burgundy.

But wait! Hang on a second! Before you reach to grab that nail polish bottle, let’s dive a bit deeper.

Why Should You Match Nail Color with Your Burgundy Dress?

It’s not always necessary to match your nail color with the dress. But if you’re looking for sophistication, royalty, and classic elegance in your outfit, you must consider matching nail color with your dress.

Burgundy is a dress of elegance, wealth, sophistication, and power. It also reflects high ambitions and refinement rather than showing off. It’s such a timeless dress. If you want to style up with elegance on any occasion, burgundy could be the right option for you.

It is perfect for almost any occasion, especially for the seasons of fall and spring. Whether it’s a wedding or a reunion with your friends and family, or an office party, burgundy is a dress to make you look special. It represents the upper class of society.

Burgundy asks for classic attention, dedication, and energy. It comes with an aura that demands respect and royalty. That’s why, with a burgundy dress, having the right nail color is a great deal.

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What Color Nail Polish Goes with a Burgundy Dress?

Different types of burgundy dresses require different colors and shades of nail polish. It also depends greatly on the individual’s personal choice and taste. The color choices a person makes reveal a lot of information about her inner world.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Some people prefer light tones of polish, and some people only pay attention to darker shades. Most of the time, extravagant people love showy shades. But people with calm tempers prefer mild ones to choose from.

However, some colors of nail polish are chosen more by all types of people. Those are white, black, navy blue, different shades of grey, some shades of green, lavender, peach, light pink, dusty pink, mustard yellow, golden yellow, beige, or even turquoise.

What Color Nail Polish with Burgundy Dress?

Now you know there are quite a few colors and shades to choose from. Let’s explore some of the most common options.

1. Red

Red is the color of love. In a study, it’s found that red nail polish wearers tend to be more passionate about their romantic love life. So, if you are seeking to get a feminine and charming look, this is the best color for you.

It shows your personality as confident, outgoing, and risk taker. If you like to be the life of the party and the center of everyone’s attention, red nail polish is the best. It also adds a flirty, sexy vibe to your personality.

Red nail polish blends in very well with a burgundy dress. This combination gifts you with an extravagant, approachable look.

2. Black

Selecting a pitch-black nail polish is one of the bold options. The Burgundy dress itself indicates a classic, bold look. The Burgundy dress with black nail polish highlights an aura of strength, confidence, and power.

Black nail polish is also symbolic in Goth culture. It presents your assertiveness and authority over the situation. Psychologically, it also indicates that you have a sensual side in your personality.

But if you are searching for a feminine look or you are invited to a wedding as a bridesmaid, black nail polish is not for you.

3. White

White indicates simplicity and purity. It also bears a specific meaning with it. It means that the person is single and available. If you’re invited to a wedding as a bridesmaid, white nail polish color best suits your burgundy outfit.

Also, if you have a tanned skin tone, for a beautiful summer look, it is one of the best options, in my opinion.

4. Light Pink

On the other hand, you can always choose lighter shades of pink for a silky and subtle look. Pink nail polish tones down the intensity of your burgundy dress and offer you a delicate feminine look.

This combination also indicates your personality as lighthearted, cheerful, and approachable. Moreover, pink nail polish goes with anything and tends to keep the limelight on your dress more. So, whenever in doubt, you can always go for pink.

5. Gray

This color reveals you as a modest and enlightened person. The best thing about gray nail polish is it is always an excellent option for a burgundy dress. You can never be called out of style if you roll with gray. It’s such a timeless color to choose.

So, throughout the year, on any sort of festive occasion, gray nail polish with a burgundy dress will give you an elegant, classic appearance.

6. Beige

In modern times, it’s common to see women of all ages, shapes, and sizes try various shades of nail polish. Among them, beige is one of the most suitable nail polish colors.

You can go with beige regardless of your skin tone or age. Beige nail polish with a burgundy dress shows a great deal of your outstanding, stylish personality.

7. Navy

In a study, it’s found that most men want their spouses to wear navy or light blue nail polish. So, if you go to a party with navy-colored nails, it slightly indicates you’re taken or in a relationship. Navy is also one of the bold color choices for nails.

Besides, navy nail polish shows you as not only a loyal, trustworthy person but also an artistic, rare one. So, a burgundy dress with navy color nail polish is a great option to try out.

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How Do You Pair Nail Polish with Your Burgundy Outfit?

The perfect pair of nail polish and burgundy dress doesn’t exist. Everyone has their own taste and vibe to express themselves with their outfits. Besides, there are various types of burgundy dresses as well. It also depends on what kind of occasion you’re preparing for.

However, you can choose flashy, showy colors of nail polish with exotic, outgoing dress-up. For example, you can choose deep red, pitch black, shades of green, blushing pink, yellow gold, and turmeric color nail polish if you want all eyes on you.

These combinations suit best if you’re someone with an outgoing personality.

On the contrary, if you choose a modest outfit, you can go with grey, light pink, light blue, beige or white nail polish. It mostly depends on what kind of vibe you’re going with.

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How to Choose a Nail Polish for a Burgundy Dress?

You know, there are quite a few types of burgundy dresses. Now, let’s see which things to consider when buying nail polish for a burgundy dress.

1. Latest Trends

Always keep an eye on what color nail polish your favorite media stars are rocking with. You’ll always find the ones that match your skin tone and personality. In this way, you’ll never go out of style.

2. Your Skin Tone

Here are some suggestions which are typically best for your skin tone:

  • Light skin tone: Nude shades, pink shades, light blue, navy blue, red, gray, white, peach, etc.
  • Medium skin tone: Nude shades, pink, deep red, navy blue, beige, peach, etc.
  • Dark skin tone: Burgundy, chocolate brown, gray, silver, magenta, purple, green, etc.

Some Nail Colors For You That Are Perfect For Your Skin Tone:

3. Your Outfit

For fancy exotic outfits, go for showy shades of colors like red, pink, navy blue, golden yellow, etc. For modest outfits, go for lighter shades such as gray, beige, and nude shades.

4. Your Makeup

Of course, your makeup plays an important role when choosing nail polish colors. So, choose accordingly.

5. The Season

 You can go for darker shades in winter, bright colors and shades for summer and warm weather seasons, and nudes and neutral colors for the autumn season.

6. Time

Brighter colors and shades suit the best for daylight occasions. But for evening occasions, try bold and darker shades to keep the intensity of the burgundy dress.

7. The Occasion

If it’s a job interview or you’re having business meetings, go for neutral to be in the safe zone. If it’s an evening party, go for gold, bronze, red, or deep blue colors. If you’re just casually hanging out, go for any of your favorite options.

8. Your Favorites

Never ever opt out of your favorite ones. You are the best judge when it comes to your appearance. There are also some nail polish properties to consider too, such as:

  • The ingredients: There are so many low-quality products in the market. Try going for branded ones rather than cheap ones to avoid toxic ingredients.
  • Safety and durability: Lately, brands are focusing on the balance of safety and durability of nail polishes. Traditional polishes last up to two weeks as some toxic elements increase durability. So, choose them which have the perfect balance.
  • Odor: Some nail polishes come with excessive odor, which is embarrassing for the people around you. So, choose the mild ones.

Final Thoughts

The perfect color of nail polish for your burgundy dress depends solely on you. Your skin tone, type of occasion, your personality, and many other factors play a vital role in choosing the perfect nail polish color. So, follow these instructions and choose what’s best for you.