Can You Use a Base Coat under Sally Hansen Miracle Gel?

The base coat has always been appreciated as it helps to protect nails. But ‘can you use a base coat under Sally Hansen Miracle gel’ has been a question of many persons who are a fan of this gel. Well, the answer depends on several situations.

First of all, there is no harm if you want to use a base coat under any gel nail polish. Sally Hansen Miracle gel nail polish is pigmented and it lasts on nails from 2 to 4 weeks. Within this time, gel polish can chip, and leave a yellow tint or stain on your nails. In this situation, a base coat under Sally Hansen gel nail polish can save your nails from the occurrence of stains.

can you use a base coat under Sally Hansen Miracle gel
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But there is a claim from Sally Hansen brand that they don’t require a base coat before applying their gel polish. It’s because their two-step process is so sufficient that you don’t need other things to fulfill your manicure. This is also a great advantage of using a Sally Hansen Miracle Gel where using a base coat can be skipped too.

Can You Use a Base Coat under Sally Hansen Miracle Gel?

Gel polish looks legit chic on nails. But you cannot get good service from all types of gel polishes. As an ordinary gel polish tends to crack or peel off after some days, you need to have a quality gel polish that will stick to your nails for several weeks.

Sally Hansen Miracle gel polish is the kind of nail polish that can show you the real definition of how a gel polish should look on nails. Yet, you can use a base coat, and if you want avoid a base coat too. Using a base coat under Miracle gel polish depends on you in the end.

Why Shouldn’t You Use a Base Coat?             

Even though it is a great nail polish brand, because it is a gel polish, many people doubt its quality. But this gel polish comes with agents that provide a charming and shiny look to the color of gel polish. Besides, the bond created by oligomers and the polymeric film is so strong that this gel polish assures some kind of promising service in real.

Because of this promising service, they work perfectly fine without a base coat. Also, it comes with a formula that can resist nail polish from chipping. This legit ensures the durability of the gel polish to a great extent.

Experts of Sally Hansen polish have said there is no need to use a base coat and to trust the top-notch formula of the gel polish. Two coats of this gel polish without any base coat, and you will get an amazing service.

Why Should You Use a Base Coat?

The other way is always open and that’s why using a base coat before applying Miracle gel is never a crime. The base coat has other advantages too apart from the advantage of providing great durability of gel polish.

A base coat saves your nails from getting extra dehydrated as some of them come with a great hydrating formula. Besides, no matter how durable the gel polish is, it tends to leave a yellow tint on your bare nails. Sally Hansen Miracle gel also carries at least the slightest tendency of staining the nails. That’s why it is always safe to use a base coat beforehand. 

Is There a Special Base Coat for Sally Hansen Miracle Gel?

There is actually no specific base coat entitled for the application before applying the Sally Hansen gel polish. You just have to follow some basic rules before applying this polish and it will not require any base coat at all. Also, it will serve you with a very pleasing service. These rules will help your nails to have the right durability of gel polish as well.

First of all, clean your nails properly. You can also use a remover to remove the old polish or residue from your nails. This will properly peel off all the old paint and make your nails bare.

Secondly, make sure your nails are completely dry. It is important to apply gel polish on dry nails.

Thirdly, apply this Miracle gel on your nails gently. Make sure it reaches all the edges of your nails.

Fourthly, make sure the first coat is cured. You don’t need UV light to cure this polish. It will automatically cure itself with natural air or room temperature. You just need to wait a bit. So, your money is saved successfully.

Fifthly, when the first coat is dried fully, apply a second coat of gel polish. Let it be cured by itself without the help of UV light.

Lastly, apply a gel-based top coat to seal the gel polish on your nails and wait till it cures. This will help the polish to stay on your nails for a longer period of time.

Can You Use a Regular Base Coat under Sally Hansen Gel?

It is normal for a gel polish to use a base coat before applying it. This ensures the prevention of chipping of gel polish to a great extent. But any kind of base coat might not work for any gel polishes. Certain nail polish brands require some certain branded base coat before applying their nail polishes.

Still, some gel polishes are so efficient that they don’t require any base coat at all. Sally Hansen Miracle is one of that kind. However, using a regular base coat under this gel is a kind of hoax. You should not use any regular base coat if it’s not branded or has defective agents. Just apply two coats of this gel and a shiny top coat and this will do the rest.

Can You Use ‘Sally Hansen Hard As Nails’ as a Base Coat?

Yes, you can use “Sally Hansen Hard As Nails” as a base coat for its amazing formula of creating nails hard. You can use this one for having healthy nails. In this case, apply “Sally Hansen Hard As Nails” on bare nails and also, under the tip of your nails. This helps to grow the nails healthily and strongly.

And for a base coat, apply this on bare nails and when it is dried, apply the nail polish afterward. This will protect the nail color for many weeks and also, gives clarity to the color of the nail polish. A proper matte or shiny top coat will enhance the beauty of your nail color altogether.

Final Thoughts

In fine, now that nail polish brands are successful in making efficient nail polish, they discard applying a base coat to remove extra hassle or to make the process compact. Sally Hansen Miracle gel polish is actually and arguably efficient. Its formula is too effective to require any base coat.

Yet, if anyone asks us “can you use a base coat under Miracle gel”, we will gladly confess that it would not be any crime if you do so. Therefore, in the end, it’s up to you if you want to spend extra time applying the base coat or not.

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