Is OPI Nail Polish Toxic? [Find the Answer]

Have you ever thought about the safety of using nail polish? OPI is a popular brand name that stands for Odontorium Products Inc. You might know that nail polish is made of different types of chemicals. But all chemicals might not be safe. That’s why you might be confused about is OPI nail polish toxic or not.

is OPI nail polish toxic
Photo by Valeria Boltneva

OPI nail polish doesn’t contain excessively toxic ingredients. For example, this nail polish doesn’t have formaldehyde. Moreover, it doesn’t have DPB or toluene which is considered the most toxic elements in nail polish. But this nail polish has camphor and Benzophenone-1 that have some other effects. So, this nail polish is not completely safe.

However, when using nail polish, all ingredients don’t possess harm. Knowing about the ingredients is a must. Otherwise, it will be difficult to know whether it is safe to use nail polish or not. Let’s see the details about it.

Is OPI Nail Polish Toxic?

OPI nail polish is not too toxic to use. Generally, some of the ingredients of this nail polish have some effects. But using this nail polish doesn’t harm dangerously. Some low-quality nail polishes contain DBP or dibutyl phthalate which is very toxic element in nail care products.

But OPI nail polish doesn’t have this element. So, it doesn’t cause any instant toxic reaction to the skin. Moreover, it doesn’t have formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is not safe for your skin. From this perspective, OPI is not that toxic.

Besides, this nail polish doesn’t contain toluene. That’s why OPI nail polish is usable and not that toxic to damage the skin. On the other hand, it contains some other elements. These elements also have some negative effects.

For example, some chemicals can cause an allergic reaction like nausea and dizziness. So, this nail polish can be unsafe who have an allergic problem.

What Ingredients OPI Nail Polish Contain?

Generally, nail polish contains many different types of chemicals. OPI brand is continuously updating its ingredients and trying to improve nail polish quality. But some primary ingredients are common in all types of OPI nail polish. Let’s see some main ingredients in this nail polish.

Epoxy resin, isopropyl alcohol, and ethyl acetate are some of the main ingredients of OPI nail polish. Moreover, butyl acetate, citric acid, camphor, nitrocellulose, polyvinyl butyral, Benzophenone-1, etc., are some other elements in this product.

Besides, propyl acetate, diacetone alcohol, silica, stearalkonium bentonite, triphenyl phosphate, etc., are sometimes added to the polish. In OPI nail polish, pigments are also used for different colors. Sometimes, gel-type nail polish contains some additional element. Moreover, colored nail polish contains color ingredients.

Are OPI Chemicals Harmful?

Whether OPI chemicals are harmful or not depends on the specific chemical and the use process. Sometimes, people think that nails are dead cells of our bodies. So, using nail polish will not harm our skin. But harmful chemicals can pass through the nails and get in touch with our skin.

So, if OPI nail polish contains a harmful chemical, it will be harmful to the skin. Among varieties of chemicals, all OPI chemicals are not harmful. Among chemicals, some are mild acids and alcohol. These will not cause any harm.

But some chemicals might be harmful. For example, OPI sometimes contains camphor. If you accidentally inhale this chemical, this will cause dizziness. There are also other types of chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction to your skin.

Moreover, certain types of chemicals can make the nails fade if you use this nail polish for a long time. But most of the primary ingredients are not that toxic. These ingredients are not harmful. So, you can say that all OPI chemicals are not harmful but some may have negative effects.

Is OPI Safe During Pregnancy?

It is okay to use OPI nail polish during pregnancy. You might have heard that using nail polish is not safe during pregnancy. But there is no clear evidence that nail polish will harm you during pregnancy.

However, OPI polish contains a lot of chemicals. These chemicals don’t harm anyone directly. During pregnancy, the pregnant person must be careful about using any kind of product. If the person inhales any ingredients of nail polish, it can cause some negative results. For example, inhaling OPI nail polish might cause dizziness or nausea.

Moreover, many women get sensitive to various types of products during pregnancy. They might face allergy problems with normal products. But when it comes to OPI, it doesn’t contain any ingredient that will cause a problem just by use.

So, this nail polish is safe during pregnancy until the person inhales it. Otherwise, using it will not cause a serious problem during pregnancy.

Is OPI Nail Polish Toxic to Dogs?

OPI nail polish is not toxic to dogs until you use it on their nails. Dogs must not inhale this nail polish. You know that dogs always like to lick things around them. They lick their paws. As a result, they lick their nails too.

If you use this nail polish on your dog’s nails, the dog licks the nails. So, the dog will inhale the polish. Sometimes, licking OPI nail polish might not cause an instant medical emergency. But the chemicals in this product are not suitable for dogs.

The chemicals of the nail polish will affect the digestive system of the dog if he inhales the nail polish. Moreover, it can cause serious medical emergencies sometimes. If you see your dog licking nail polish continuously, it will affect the dog in the long run.

This doesn’t mean you can’t keep this nail polish around you. The nail polish will not spread itself and harm the dog. But inhaling and digesting the nail polish will harm the dog. So, OPI nail polish is toxic to dogs if they inhale it.

So, Is OPI Nail Polish Non-toxic?

Yes, definitely. OPI nail polish is mostly non-toxic. This nail polish doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. If you use it on your nails, it will not cause any problems to the nails. But the product has some ingredients that have mild negative effects.

If you are careful about using this nail polish, it will not harm you. For example, if you use it only on the nails, it will not affect the skin dangerously. Moreover, if you don’t inhale this, it will not cause any problems.

But if you inhale it, simple chemicals will cause serious problems. That’s why the process of using this nail polish is important. However, OPI is trying to create nail polishes that contain natural ingredients. Even, the company has upgraded nail polishes to vegan nail polish.

Final Thoughts

OPI is one of the famous and high-quality nail polish brands. People are using this nail polish for a long time without any hesitation. But like many nail polishes, this nail polish also has chemicals. That’s why people want to know whether this nail polish is toxic or not.

OPI nail polish doesn’t contain the three most toxic ingredients in it. So, this nail polish is not toxic for humans. It has some chemicals that will create a problem if you inhale it. Otherwise, using this polish is safe.