How to Remove Gel Nail Polish with Sugar?

Have you ever thought of removing gel nail polish with anything else besides nail polish remover? Then you might have heard about using sugar to remove gel polish. When you want to use a natural ingredient to remove nail polish, you have to make sure of the ingredient’s effectiveness. That’s why you might want to know how to remove gel nail polish with sugar.

how to remove gel nail polish with sugar

To remove gel polish with sugar, you need to prepare your nails. After cleaning the nails and trimming them, you need to soak the nails in a warm sugar solution. After a few minutes, the nail polish will be loosened, and you can scrub the nails gently to remove the polish. Scrubbing for a few minutes will remove the nail polish easily.

But when it comes to using something different to remove nail paint, you must know the process appropriately. Moreover, you might not be interested in using chemicals on your nails anymore. So, let’s see how you can remove gel nail polish with sugar in detail.

Features of Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail paint is pretty famous for its amazing features. Some features are so excellent that people are using this type of polish regularly instead of the conventional ones. So, let’s see some key features of gel nail polish.

  • Durability

One of the main features of gel polish is its durability. It will not peel off easily. Moreover, the nail paint will last longer than many other nail paints. Even then, you can keep the gel polish for up to 4 weeks.

  • Protection

Another beneficial feature of this polish is that it can protect your nails. Conventional nail polishes are supposed to split easily. But gel nail polish will create a barrier to splitting and scratching. Moreover, if you cure it under UV light, it will not smudge quickly.

  • Fast drying

Ordinary nail polish takes a longer time to dry. On the other hand, gel nail polish dries very quickly. It takes only a couple of minutes to dry. That’s why there is also no fear of smearing or chipping. You don’t need to waste your time if you use gel-type nail paint.

  • Smooth and glossy

Our nails have a really smooth feeling after applying gel nail paint. Moreover, it appears even and doesn’t have a matte effect. These nail paints are extremely shiny and give our nails a sparkling appearance.

  • Color and style

Gel nail polish has a huge variety of colors. You will be able to color your nails in a variety of ways. Moreover, you can create stylish nail art on your nails with this amazing nail polish.

How Long Does Gel Nail Polish Last?

Generally, gel paint for nails is known for its durability. It lasts longer than regular nail polish. This nail polish can last up to 4 weeks if you take care of the nails regularly. Otherwise, it can last about 3 weeks, whereas ordinary nail paints last only for a week.

If you want your nail polish to last longer, you should manicure the nails once a month. By doing so, you can take care of your nails, and gel nail polish will last for a month. Salons use this polish more than other types of polish for this reason.

However, if the nail paint is scratched or rubbed, it can peel off. That is very normal, too. But if you can take care of the nails, gel paint will remain smooth and shiny for at least 4 weeks.

Does Sugar Remove Nail Polish?

Sugar can remove nail polish. It might sound unreal, but sugar has the quality of removing nail polish from your nails. This might not be that easy, but it can be possible with some procedures.

You might know that sugar has crystals. These crystals help remove nail polish from your nail surface. However, you have to prepare the nails first and then soak the nails in the sugar solution. Otherwise, the nail polish will not be dissolved. However, you will also need to rub the nail surface.

Though the process might take longer than nail polish remover, sugar doesn’t have any chemicals and is a natural product. That’s why using sugar is a good choice for removing nail polish.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish with Sugar?

Now that you know you can use sugar to remove gel nail polish, you might want to know the process. This procedure takes longer than nail polish remover. So, you should also follow a step-by-step procedure to remove nail polish appropriately. Let’s see how you can remove gel polish with sugar.

Step-1: Preparing the nails

Since sugar is not a chemical substance, it will take time to remove the nail polish. Moreover, if the nails are not clean and trimmed, it will take more time. That’s why you should prepare your nails by cleaning and trimming them before using sugar. Also, if you have fake or artificial nails, remove them and clean your nails again.

Step-2: Getting Things Ready

You have to get things ready that are essential for the removal process. For example, you will need some sugar, a bowl of warm water, a soft piece of cloth, cuticle oil, etc. Having these items around will help to reduce clutter.

Step-3: Dissolving the sugar

Now you can add a few tablespoons (normally 2 tablespoons) of sugar to a bowl of warm water. Keep stirring the water until the sugar dissolves completely. You will see a clear water solution after dissolving the sugar.

Step-4: Soaking your nails

After dissolving the sugar, soak your nails in the solution. Soak the nails for at least 15 minutes. This will assist in removing the polish from your nails.

Step-5: Scrubbing

After 15 minutes, remove the nails from the solution. Then scrub the nail with a soft towel or piece of cloth for a couple of minutes. You will notice that the nail polish is gradually fading.

Step-6: Moisturizing

Removing nail polish and scrubbing will reduce the moisture or hydration in your nails. If you don’t moisturize them, the nails will become dry and brittle. So, apply cuticle oil and massage the nails for a minute. This will moisturize or hydrate the nails again.

Does Sugar Soak Up Nail Polish?

Sugar soaks up nail polish. This natural ingredient is an alternative to nail polish remover. Moreover, people also use sugar to remove excess nail polish residue around the nails.

You might see that salons use sugar to remove excess nail polish or nail polish spills. Generally, when you soak nail polish in a sugar solution, it loosens the polish and removes it from the surface.

Sometimes, finding a solution is not necessary. You just have to sprinkle some sugar on the nails and wait a few minutes. The nail polish will be removed if you gently rub the sugar on the nails. As a result, sugar can soak up nail polish.

What Solutions Remove Gel Polish Quickly?

Acetone is considered the most effective and fast solution to remove gel nail polish. For this reason, almost all nail polish removers contain acetone. If you want to remove gel polish instantly, an acetone solution will be best.

Moreover, some other chemicals and liquids are also suitable for removing nail polish. For example, you can use vinegar to remove gel polish. It might not work as faster as acetone, but it will work quicker than a natural ingredient.

Hydrogen peroxide is another solution that can remove nail paint quickly. But using this chemical is not suggested because of its chemical side effects. Still, people use hydrogen peroxide for instant polish removal.

Hand sanitizer and water solution, sugar, water solution, etc. also work to remove gel polish. But they will not work quickly. You must wait for several minutes for the nails to soak in the solution, which will take some time.

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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish with Hot Water?

You might know that hot water also helps remove gel polish. But if you want to apply the process, you should know what to do step by step. Let’s see how you can remove this nail polish with hot water.


Trim your nails and wash them properly.


Take a bowl of warm water and mix some drops of soap or sugar into the water.


Mix the water very well until some bubbles are created or the soap or sugar is dissolved completely.


Soak the nails in the solution and wait for 15-20 minutes.


After soaking, the gel nail polish will be softened, and you can use a piece of cloth or towel to gently rub the nails.


Rubbing the nails will remove the gel polish; use cuticle oil after drying the nails.

Step 7: If there is still nail polish residue on your nails, repeat the procedure to remove it.

Super Easiest Removing Process of Gel Nail Polish With Hot Water:

Aftercare Tips that You Need to Follow

Whenever it comes to removing gel nail polish, you should think about some aftercare tasks. Because remover or other ingredients will remove the natural oil from the nails and make them dry. That’s why aftercare is essential every time you remove nail polish. Here are some tips that you can follow.

  • Keep the nails rounded

When you trim the nails before or after the removal of nail polish, you should keep the nails rounded for a few days. This will prevent any scratches and pain on the nails.

  • Moisturize the nails

You must moisturize the nails after polish removal. Removing nail polish or scrubbing will make the nails dry and rough. Moisturizing will make the nails hydrated again. So, moisturizing is essential. You can use cuticle oil, olive oil, or other moisturizing lotion on the nails.

  • Nail treatment

You can apply nail strengthening treatments sometimes to keep the nails healthy. This treatment is not mandatory, but doing it sometimes will strengthen the nails. Moreover, you can skip the nail polish for a couple of days to give the nails a little bit of rest.

  • Keep the nails dry

When you apply or remove nail polish, you should reduce water exposure. You might need to use water for several tasks, and that is completely fine. But excessive water exposure might make your nails brittle and lose their strength. You can wear gloves to do some tasks related to water.

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Final Verdict

Nail polish is one of the primary beauty products. Women use gel nail polishes so much that nail-related products are increasing day by day. Similarly, chemicals and nail polish removers are also available. But if you don’t want to use harsh or harmful chemicals, you can use sugar to remove gel polish.

Using sugar to remove gel nail polish is not difficult. You have to make a solution of sugar that will remove the nail paint. Moreover, you must moisturize the nails after removing nail polish. Otherwise, the nails will get dry. So, aftercare is essential.

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