How to Make Slime with Nail Polish: 4 Ways & Step by Step

Slime is non-Newtonian and it acts as a liquid and solid item at the same time. It can be made using some of the known household ingredients and will end up with a sticky polymer substance. Depending on your acts to the slime, it shows its solid or liquid feature.

How to Make Slime with Nail Polish

Giving your kids a scientific item to play with or relieving your stress by squeezing slime, you can make it at home. Don’t worry, we will not ask you to manage so many things to create slime. All that you need are nail polish and some other household items. Let’s dive into the easy guide on making slime while nail polish will be the key ingredient.

How to Make Slime with Nail Polish: 4 Ways & Step by Step

Making slime is not too difficult if you have nail polish. This ingredient is available in almost any house. Additionally, you will need water, glue, coconut oil, or something like that.

We will go through different methods such as making slime using nail polish and water, using nail polish and oil, using nail polish and glue. Also, some other methods will be discussed one by one.

Before learning ‘how to make slime with nail polish, let’s check a few things about this non-Newtonian fluid.

There are several types of slime including simple unicorn slime, cleaning slime, fluffy slime, and so on. Simple slime is made with the basic recipe and using nail polish, we will actually make this type of slime.

Cleaning slime is quite thicker and performs as a cleaning brush to bring out debris from your keyboards as well as electronics. Fluffy slime seems like marshmallows and kids like to play with it.

Slime is safe and if you use non-toxic nail polish to prepare it, it will be safe for kids also. When making slime with nail polish, make sure to store it later with proper care. Storing is the key to enhance its lifespan.

Now let’s check out how to make slime with nail polish and one additional item.

Method 1: Make Slime with Nail Polish and Oil

This is the simplest way that you can apply to make slime at home. You don’t need to use borax, glue, or contact lens solution. Only 2 easily available ingredients can produce your desired slime.

Ingredients You Need:

  • Nail polish
  • Cooking oil
  • 1 simple stick to stir the mixture

Step 1: Pour the oil

Take a bowl. Pour the oil in it. Depending on your desired amount of slime, you can fix the amount of oil. Remember, you will need to take more nail polish than the oil.

Step 2: Add nail polish

As you should place less nail polish than oil, confirm how much slime you need. And thus, add nail polish to the bowl. Use a small stick to mix both ingredients. After doing it for 5 minutes or a bit more, the ingredients will create an item between solid and liquid.

Step 3: Slime is ready

Finally, you will achieve sticky slime. This method works perfectly when you need small slime. As nail polish is the key ingredient, you should not put it in your mouth. And keep it away from kids who can try to taste it by the tongue.

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Method 2: Make Slime with Nail Polish and Water Only

This is another easy trick to make slime using nail polish. Let’s see what ingredients you need for this method.

Ingredients You Need:

  • Nail polish
  • Water
  • Salt

Step 1: Take nail polish

Take a bowl and put nail polish in it. You can add one or more different nail polishes to get colorful slime. Put extra nail polish in the bowl if you need more slime.

Step 2: Add water

You can simply add normal water to the bowl. However, mixing a bit of salt in the water will result in amazing slime. So, put salty water in the bowl. Make sure the water ratio should not be more than half of the nail polish.

Step 3: Stir the ingredients

Use a spatula to mix the ingredients properly. After a few minutes, you will notice water comes out from the mixture. Remove that water and stir the ingredients until you achieve the desired slime.

Method 3: Make Slime with Coconut Oil and Nail Polish

This method is quite similar to the first method ‘making slime using nail polish and oil’. In this method, you will need coconut oil instead of cooking oil.

Ingredients You Need:

  • Nail polish
  • Coconut oil

Step 1: Put nail polish in a bowl

Gather a mid-size bowl. Place nail polish that is non-toxic. As your kids can put the slime in their mouth, make sure you have non-toxic nail polish. According to your need, confirm how much slime you will make. And thus, ensure the quantity of the nail polish.

Step 2: Add coconut oil

Add coconut oil that will behalf of the whole nail polish. Do not add more oil than the nail polish, it will include extra liquid features to the newly made slime.

Step 3: Stir and get slime

Next, take a spatula or small stick to mix both items properly. You will have to continue stirring until you find your expected slime.

Method 4: Making Slime with Glue and Nail Polish

If you never tried this method, you will definitely feel confused. But you can easily turn your nail polish into amazing slime while using glue with nail polish. Let’s dive into the method.

Ingredients You Need:

  • Nail polish (1-2 bottles)
  • 1 cup of clear glue
  • Baking soda
  • Contact solution

Step 1: Pour clear glue

First, you need a bowl made of ceramic or glass. Pour clear glue into it. For 2 nail polishes, half a cup of clear school glue will be sufficient. So, don’t extend the amount of clear glue.

Step 2: Add nail polish

Next, pour all the polishes from the two bottles into the bowl. You may need to toil to get out all the nail polishes from the bottles. After pouring nail polish, use a stick to mix the ingredients.

Step 3: Mix baking soda

After mixing nail polish and glue, take baking soda and pour it into the mixture. One teaspoon is fine in this method. To make the mixture sticky, this works as a key.

Step 4: Add contact solution

When the mixture is sticky enough, add contact solution. Stir the mixture until you get the expected consistency. Make sure to add the solution very slowly so that you can monitor when the mixture turns into the expected slime.

Step 5: Check the quality

Now, hold the slime with your fingers. Knead it with your dry hands. If you find the slime is very sticky, you can add more contact solutions and ensure that the slime is at your expected level.

Can You Make Slime with Nail Polish Remover?

Definitely yes! But this is not a recommended way to make slime. It is because the slime will not be quite sticky. Moreover, it can stick to your fingers.

In this method, clear glue will act as one of the most important ingredients. Additionally, you need a coloring agent as the nail polish remover is colorless.

However, making slime with nail polish remover is one easiest tricks among many of the convenient methods. You can try this at home and to do that, let’s follow the method below.

Make Slime with Nail Polish Remover: Step by Step

Acetone is found in most nail polish removers. This key ingredient also helps to make slime. The technique is really simple. Make sure you have the following ingredients ready.

  • Coloring agent
  • Nail polish remover
  • Clear glue

Step 1: Preparation

Manage a bowl and spatula. Put a little bit of coloring agent in the bowl. Using a stick, you can do this efficiently.

Step 2: Pour nail polish remover

Pour nail polish remover into the bowl. Make sure the remover you pour is a limited amount. Depending on your needs, you can add more polish remover later.

Step 3: Add clear glue

Now, it’s time to add clear glue to the mixture. After adding, stir the mixture until it is properly combined.

Step 4: Finalize the slime

Finally, hold the slime. If it sticks to your finger, add more glue and stir again. Check again and at the end, you will achieve quality slime.

Tips to Follow

You can follow the tips below to ensure your slime-making project is successful.

  • As toxic nail polish can harm your skin, try to pick non-toxic nail polish.
  • Do this project outside of your house or in a ventilated area; otherwise, you will smell nail polish everywhere in your house.
  • If you try this indoor, cover the area properly to prevent spreading of chemical odor.
  • Do not use a bowl in the process which you use in your kitchen as well.
  • Use ceramic or glass bowl to make slime. Other materials made containers can be damaged by nail polish.
  • You can exert glitter nail polish to attain slime that looks elegant.
  • A properly stored slime can be used repeatedly. So, store your slime in air-tight box.


Alright, you have now information and all the ingredients to make slime at home. Why not give it a try to make slime with nail polish? Now, it’s easier to make your kids happy. Simply follow the steps described above and produce fluffy slime for your kids.

Many simply enjoy slime’s unique and scientific feature. Also, many need to relieve stress. If you have any of the things in mind, don’t wait anymore. Start making slime and enjoy your day.

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