How to Make a Ring Smaller with Nail Polish: Complete Guide

You may have a precious and fashionable ring, but you can’t wear that because of its size. The big ring will not fit your small finger. Weather conditions also would be the reason. This is really disappointing. But what’s the solution if you face such a problem.

How to Make a Ring Smaller with Nail Polish

Well, learn how to make a ring smaller with nail polish and this guide will help you in that case. Prior to a sudden event, you don’t need to be worried about your big ring. The following guide will let you know how to make a big ring smaller and fit your finger precisely. Stay tuned.

What Happens if You Put Nail Polish on a Ring?

When talking about nail polish for jewelry, we especially indicate clear nail polish. Colorful nail polish will spoil the beauty of jewelry like a ring. However, people use nail polish on a ring for several reasons. It creates a great change by ensuring the right fitting and longevity as well.

When you put clear nail polish on a ring, you’re actually saving it from various damages. A mild layer of clear polish on a ring works as a protection against chipping and discoloration. The thin coat of polish will maintain the original look of the ring for a longer time.

Some rings can hurt your finger when wearing them. Nail polish on a ring will offer you a smooth feeling. If you experience such a situation, put a thin layer of polish on the ring. Then you can comfortably wear the ring and enjoy the party you’re going to.

No worries about nickel allergy! Clear nail polish also can solve this problem. Detaching your finger from the jewelry can prevent allergic reactions. When you put the polish on a ring, it creates a thin barrier between the ring and your skin.

Previously, you may notice that your skin looks green after wearing a ring. This can also be solved by using a ring coated with a thin layer of clear nail polish.

The most expected change that nail polish can creates is to reduce its overall dimension. It can make a ring smaller and we will explain the details below.

Pros and Cons of Making Ring Smaller with Nail Polish

As nail polish contains chemical ingredients, it can cause some difficulties. With more advantages, using nail polish on a ring has some disadvantages as well.


  • Using clear nail polish on the ring is the quickest way to reduce your finger ring size. When you need to make your ring smaller in a short time for a sudden party, use this method.
  • It is easier than other ring reducing methods. Because of its DIY features, you can manage necessary elements faster. If you need several layers on the ring to fit it to your finger, put layers within a short time.
  • For some finger rings, a thin coat of clear polish can give you more comfortable feeling while reducing the ring size.
  • The suitable coat of polish on the ring prevents discoloration. Consequently, your favorite rings can serve you for a longer time.
  • When making your precious ring smaller, nail polish redresses the green marks on the skin.


  • Though reducing finger ring size with nail polish is a quick trick, but it is not a long time solution.
  • Toxic nail polish can harm your skin. It may also cause mild irritation.
  • The nail polish should be water-based; otherwise you can damage your ring while removing them.

When Do You Need to Make A Ring Smaller?

There are some particular reasons that demand quick resizing of your finger ring. Among many of the methods, using clear nail polish coats on the ring is the easiest DIY method. But what are the signs that clearly ask you to reduce the ring size? Let’s take a look at them.

  • If you are able to take off the ring without any extra effort, you need to consider reducing the ring size.
  • If anyone can pull off the ring without hurting your finger or you even don’t know when your ring was removed, you need to fit the ring to your finger.
  • If the ring can spin around your finger without any obstacle, take steps to reduce the size.
  • If you feel uncomfortable while wearing a ring, the size is perhaps the reason. Check carefully and make your ring smaller.

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How to Make a Ring Smaller with Nail Polish Step by Step

Some ingredients are important to collect at this stage. Generally, all of them are easily available in any home.

  • Your ring that you want to make smaller.
  • Non-toxic clear nail polish.
  • Rubbing alcohol.
  • Cotton swab and paper towel.
  • A small piece of painter tape.

Be sure to use non-toxic nail polish as it is safe for the skin. Though you can use any clear nail polish, applying a non-toxic one is recommended.

To make your special ring smaller, follow the steps described below.

Step 1: Clean the Ring

Use rubbing alcohol and clean the ring. If the clean is perfect, the nail polish coat will sit on the ring more perfectly. When rubbing, carefully do it to avoid any changing of the setting. Mostly if it is a stone or pearl ring, there is a chance to deflect the original setting.

Step 2: Apply the Nail Polish

This step requires extra attention. Focus on the inside of the ring. Apply a very thin coat of clear nail polish to the inside. Stop spreading the polish around the ring. Otherwise, it will create an odd look and you will not feel okay when wearing it.

Step 3: Make the Finish Perfect

At this stage, you can use a cotton swab to ensure the proper finish of the polish on the ring. With the cotton swab, layout the polish equally on the ring’s inner side. If need more than one coat, put the clear polish again.

Step 4: Place the Ring Securely

Get a painter’s tape. Cut a small piece of it. Now place the ring on the tape, it will ensure secure sitting. Also, to make it more secure, slant it against the nail polish bottle vertically. This way will prevent running off of the polish if it is still soggy.

Step 5: Dry the Ring

You are almost done. Wait for an hour or more and make sure the ring is dried properly. You can touch the inside of the ring and check if it is still wet or not. When properly dried, you can wear the ring and prepare yourself for the party.

Final Words

The guide above on ‘how to make a ring smaller will be definitely handy for making a ring smaller in any sudden situation. If you follow every step cautiously, the result will be incredible.

For a longer and sustainable result, this ring size reducing technique will not work more efficiently. In that case, a jewelry store can help you. But if you have a big ring and clear nail polish in your house, you can make the ring small following the above guide within a short time. Thus you can save some bucks as well.

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