How to Fix a Cracked Screen with Nail Polish: Complete Guide

You can find your mobile phone screen is cracked after an unexpected incident. There may be other reasons also. But the main point is that your phone screen is cracked. And you definitely want to fix it. Is it really possible to fix a cracked screen?

How to Fix a Cracked Screen with Nail Polish

Well, it depends on the overall condition. If the crack is large, you can’t handle it at home. You will need to take help from the experts. But if the crack is relatively smaller, you don’t need to be worried – you can fix it at home.

Some household products like nail polish and super glue can do the job. In that case, it is important to learn how to fix a cracked screen with nail polish. This guide will be very helpful for you if you prefer fixing your cracked phone screen at home instead of going to a mechanic.

Can You Fix a Cracked Phone Screen with Clear Nail Polish?

The answer is not that straightforward. Because depending on the crack condition, the answer can be varied. If the crack is mild, you can fix it easily using nail polish and stop spreading the crack to a severe condition. When the screen is shattered, better go to a professional. Only a clear nail polish can’t fix it.

The clear nail polish contains Cyanoacrylate, a chemical ingredient that can create stronger and clearer bonds with plastics and glass surfaces. This ingredient works as a quick-responding adhesive. This is the feature of nail polish that helps to fix mild cracks in your phone screen.

In the case of a large crack or shattered screen, can glue or nail polish help? Not much! It is because the Cyanoacrylate in the polish doesn’t have such strength to attach broken pieces. Moreover, you should not try to attach a broken or shattered screen.

Some experience and necessary tools are needed in this case. As everyone doesn’t have the quality skills to fix a broken screen at home, taking help from a mechanic will offer the best result. You will be able to save your precious phone. However, you have now the clear idea that clear nail polish can only help to fix a cracked screen when the crack is mild.

How to Fix a Cracked Screen with Nail Polish: Step by Step

This fun but the efficient guide will help you to fix a small crack on your mobile screen. Let’s check each step carefully.

1. Evaluate the Crack

First of all, check the damage. Is it a simple cracked screen or shattered? You already know the shattered screen can’t be fixed using clear nail polish.

As there is a screen protector on almost all the phones, carefully check if the damage is on the screen protector or screen. You can simply replace the screen protector if that is broken. Otherwise, you have to consider other things. Like for the shattered screen or black spots on the display, you will need to take help from a professional. Screen change may be required also.

One more thing, check your phone’s functionality. Is that still working properly? If yes and the crack is not too big, you have the option to fix it with nail polish.

2. Appropriate Workspace

The crack is not large enough and the phone is working properly. So, we can fix it without taking help from an expert mechanic. As you will use nail polish and the surface should be neat and clean, ensure that you are working in a confined space. Possibly in your room and on the table, where there is no dust.

3. Clean the Screen

Nail polish bonds significantly with the clean surface. So, this step is very important, complete it with care.

First, use a clean cloth or tissue paper to wipe the phone screen. Do not hurry and do not provide much pressure on the screen. After completing it, focus on the actual cracked part. Pick a toothbrush and clean the damaged area. Make sure there is no dust at all.

4. Pick the Right Nail Polish

Fixing a cracked screen means to hide the broken area and get back the original look. When using colorful nail polish, you will not get any of the required results. Additionally, using an erroneous polish can make the crack part more visible and create a hindrance to use your phone easily.

So, which nail polish is the right choice? Well, avoid dark polish. Pick one that easily matches the screen. Light color is recommended. Overall, the clear nail polish is the best that will hide the crack and will not produce any obstruction while using the phone.

5. Use Sellotape

To avoid a mess on the screen, using sellotape is definitely a good idea. Apply the tape around the damaged area. Try to apply it tightly so that the phone always stays in its actual shape. This way will also expose the cracked part, so, you will be able to paint only the cracked part, not others. As a result, you can stop spreading nail polish all the area.

6. Apply the Clear Nail Polish

This is time to apply the nail polish. You can’t use a paintbrush or other types of brushes, simply take a toothpick and use it to put a limited amount of clear polish on the crack. Make sure to control the amount because an extra amount of polish will create a mess. And then, you will need more time to clean the screen.

Be sure that the polish properly penetrates into the crack. It will take some time to seal the cracks properly. After applying polish, wait until they are dried on the screen.

7. Remove Extra Polish

When the polish is completely dried, check if there is extra nail polish on the screen. To remove the polish and smooth the screen surface, use a razor. Carefully scrape off those additional polishes. Now touch the screen, you will feel the smoothness. The small crack is sealed now and your phone is ready to be used.

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Consider following these tips to complete the processes successfully.

  1. If you are not confident enough to fix the cracks, don’t do it at home.
  2. When cleaning the screen, do not provide extra pressure.
  3. Avoid using dark nail polish on the screen.
  4. Be careful when using the razor; don’t make scratches on the screen.
  5. Use a screen protector after sealing the cracks properly.

How to Fix a Cracked Screen without Nail Polish

There are some other ways to fix cracked phone screens. We will discuss them shortly below.

How to Fix a Cracked Screen with Toothpaste?

Remember that this is not the best way to fix your cracked screen. But it works sometimes when the damage to the screen is not much. So, learning how to fix a cracked screen with toothpaste may be very helpful for you in certain cases. Let’s follow the below steps.

  1. Remove the phone from case. Check the crack position and condition.
  2. Place the phone screen facing to you. Clean the screen with a display cleaner. You can also use compressed air to remove the lint or dust. Make sure to wipe out the screen with clean cloth.
  3. Collect toothpaste which is flavorless. Avoid gel type paste.
  4. Get one or more cotton swabs. Depending on the cracks, you may need more cotton swabs.
  5. With the cotton swab, apply a little amount of paste on the crack. Be sure that the paste properly enters into the cracks.
  6. Apply paste until the cracks are sealed properly. Finally, remove the excess paste from the screen with a piece of cloth.
  7. Your cracked phone screen is fixed now. Place it in the case again.

How to Fix a Cracked Screen with Baking Soda?

This is another DIY repair technique that can save you from going to the expensive phone repair store. The result will not be at the finest level but this technique will instantly prevent spreading the cracks. It is not expensive and not much time-consuming too. Let’s learn this quickest method.

  1. Like the previous methods, remove the phone from the case and complete the cleaning step correctly.
  2. Get a cup. Place 2/3 portions of baking soda and 1/3 portions of water in the cup. Now, make a thick paste using a brush.
  3. Collect a microfiber cloth. Put the paste on it. Now, rub it on the crack and make sure the paste penetrates into cracked parts.
  4. Finally, wipe out the screen.

How to Fix a Cracked Screen with Glue?

Similar to nail polish, the glue has cyanoacrylate as its key manufacturing ingredient. This is a very stronger adhesive and works well on plastics and glass. So, you can use super glue to fix your cracked phone screen as well. The steps are almost the same as the previous methods.

  1. Clean the screen by removing dust and debris. Do not create pressure on the glass surface. Extra pressure can increase the damage rate.
  2. Apply very limited amount of glue on the cotton swab. Excessive amount of glue can create a pesky mess. Now, rub it on the cracked part.
  3. Rub with the light pressure. And continue it until the cracks are filled with glue.
  4. When the cracks are sealed. Stop rubbing and clean the excess glue with a paper towel. Try to clean the surface quickly.
  5. Let the phone screen dry and finally, you can use it again.

Final Words

You don’t need to go to a repair shop if your phone gets a crack on its screen. Following any of the above methods can be very handy to fix a small crack. But make sure to follow every step very carefully and precisely.

Though these methods are not always effective but can offer you a quick solution and save you from making a big investment too. So, if your phone has a cracked screen, try any of the methods above. Hopefully, you can fix that at home and save your money as well.

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