How Many Manicures in a Bottle of Nail Polish?

How many manicures in a bottle of nail polish?

30 to 50 or even more manicures can be easily done with a nail polish bottle. Nail polish lasts for years, so you can use it for a very long time!

If you are going to buy a nail polish bottle soon but are confused about what size of it will be good enough, here is a proper description of it for you.

how many manicures in a bottle of nail polish
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Generally, it takes 0.25 ml to 0.45 ml for each nail and 2.5 ml to 4.5 ml for all fingers. So, now you can easily calculate how many manicures you can get from just one bottle of nail polish.

How Many Manicures in a Bottle of Nail Polish?

A bottle of nail polish is enough for more than 50 manicures.

A nail polish bottle of 12.5 ml is enough for 50 manicures. That means, only 0.25 ml nail polish is required for a manicure on average! Such things are just conjectures based on average cases. The exact number of manicures in a bottle of nail polish depends on a number of matters.

If your nails are bigger than usual, you would obviously need more nail polish. Eventually, the bottle will have fewer manicures.

Some people paint nails on a weekly basis. They do not need so much nail polish to repaint their nails. It also increases the number of manicures.

However, the quality and the intensity or opacity of the nail polish also play an important role here. All these things make an impact together and decide the answer of how many manicures are in a nail polish!

How Many Manicures in a Bottle of Gel Nail Polish?

An average bottle of nail polish has a durability of at least 30 to 40 manicures.

Women love to keep their nails always polished to have a good look. A regular manicure is a part of their lifestyle. Different routines are seen among women in this regard.

Gel nail polish is a common nail polish variety used mostly by teenage girls. They prefer it the most while painting their nails. It is a bit more expensive than others, but it is long-lasting and time-saving. You can easily apply your creativity with this particular kind of nail polish.

This healthy nail polish has gained so much popularity due to its long durability. You can have up to 50 manicures from a regular bottle of gel nail polish.

That means it will easily last for a year even if you repaint your nails weekly. But experts suggest that one should not put nail polish on as soon as the previous manicure expires. For proper functioning of nails, there needs to be at least 7-8 days gap between two manicures.

Although your manicuring habit, style, and the volume of the bottle play a significant role here. When you are just repainting nails, less nail polish will be enough.

A good thing about gel nail polish is suitable for showing your creativity as well. You can make your own design painting with its unique colors. It is easier to paint with and takes comparatively less time to get dry.

You can have a fast manicure using gel nail polish.

How Many Coats of Polish Can You Get from One Bottle?

Almost 100 coats of polish are there in one bottle of 12.5 ml nail polish. Gel nail polish is known to be the most durable and flexible nail polish among all its varieties of it. It is safe to use and easier to be removed.

Normally each manicure requires 2 coats of polish. So, a bottle of nail polish with around 50 manicures will give around 100 coats. The amount might be more or less depending on the opacity of the color and the bottle’s volume.

But if your nails are longer than usual, then the number of coats from a bottle will decrease. As we calculate these considering the average size of nails, a single coat needs 0.125 ml to 0.20 ml of nail polish.

Once you have painted your nails, it can stay up to even a month. So, 100 coats can easily go for 1 year or more!

How Many Pedicures Are in a Bottle of Nail Polish?

Taking care of toes as well is very important. Women like to decorate their toenails by polishing them. Toenails are generally not as big as fingers. So, pedicures require less nail polish than manicures.

One manicure has 2 coats and each of them consumes almost 0.125 ml to 0.20 ml. This amount is comparatively less than a manicure though a pedicure treatment costs more money than a manicure treatment.

Pedicure lasts usually longer than manicures. Once you have painted your toenails, it will look good for up to 2-3 weeks. However, good quality nail polish is a condition here!

Pedicures can cause harm or damage to your nails if the nail polish is not properly removed. To avoid such consequences, you can opt for gel nail polish which is the easiest to remove.

But trying to pick the paint when the color starts to come off is a bad practice. You should rather see a manicurist or use acetone while removing it at home.

If you are planning to go on a vacation and pass time at the beach or pool, you are suggested to have a pedicure.

Final Thoughts

A bottle of nail polish does not get finished as fast as it seems to. It has enough manicures to be used for years.

Now you can assume how productive a small nail polish bottle is. So, the next time you go to buy it, you will not be feeling anxious when you buy nail polish that seems to be too expensive!

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