Does Essence Gel Nail Polish Need UV Light?

Have you ever tried UV light on Essence gel nail polish? UV light is pretty famous for drying nail paints nowadays. But all nail polishes are not compatible with UV light. Sometimes, the drying time of nail paint is the same for natural and UV light drying. That’s why you might want to know does Essence gel nail polish need UV light?

does Essence gel nail polish need UV light
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Generally, Essence gel polish doesn’t need UV light compulsorily. This nail polish is one of the innovative nail paints that dry fast and become long-lasting after drying. Moreover, its shiny finish and improved top coat formula make it of better quality naturally. So, you don’t have to use UV light for this nail paint.

Sometimes, people get used to using a UV light for every type of nail polish. For this reason, some people might also use a UV light on the Essence gel. If you use UV or LED for drying this nail paint, it will not harm the nail paint. But you will not get any extra benefit from the UV light. However, for clear knowledge, let’s see details about it.

How Long Does Essence Gel Nail Polish Take to Dry?

Essence gel nail polish takes only a minute to dry. Even sometimes, it takes 40 to 50 seconds to dry. Generally, gel-type nail paints are fast-drying. They have a high-speed natural drying formula. So, you don’t have to take any additional measures to dry the nail polish.

However, how long Essence gel nail polish takes to dry also depends on the number of the coat. If you apply multiple coats, it will take more time. For example, if you use the double coating, the nail paint will take a couple of minutes to dry.

Moreover, gel polish becomes durable within a very short time. Sometimes, people think that the nail enamel will not be long-lasting since it dries very fast. But it is also long-lasting. Especially if you don’t put pressure on the nails, the gel nail polish will last for a week at least.

Does Essence Gel Nail Polish Need UV Light?

Essence gel nail doesn’t require UV light. Generally, this nail polish has all the beneficial properties in it. For example, it dries pretty fast on its own. With natural air, the gel paint takes only 40 seconds to dry.

Usually, we use a UV light on nail paints or enamels so that the nail paint dries fast. Moreover, UV light makes nail paints durable and have a shiny finish. But Essence gel nail polish already has these features.

Another benefit of UV light is that it hardens the liquid nail polish. But Essence polish sets itself naturally. The formula of this polish is so convenient that you don’t have to use other drying or hardening methods.

Even the durability of this nail polish is increased by sixty percent. If you still want to use UV light for drying the gel nail paint, you can use it. But if you don’t want to use UV light, it will be totally okay with the gel nail enamel.

Can I Use Essence Gel Nail Polish without UV Light?

Yes, you can use gel polish without UV light. It’s not compulsory to use a UV light on it. Generally, people use UV light for almost all types of nail polishes for faster drying and durability. But if you don’t use UV light for gel-type nail paint that is entirely okay.

You might know that exposure to UV or Ultraviolet light for a long time is not safe. So, the more you can avoid UV light, the better it will be. If you can use gel-type nail paint without UV light, that will be safer.

You can also use some other natural sources to dry the Essence gel nail polish without UV light. For example, you can use natural air or a fan for the drying process. Air from nature or a fan is much safer than the use of UV. So, you can use gel-type nail enamel without UV light.

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How Do You Use Essence Gel Nails at Home?

Using Essence gel nail polish is pretty easy. But you should follow a step-by-step process to reduce hassle and do the job smoothly. Let’s see how you can use this polish at home.

Step-1: Cleaning and drying the nails

Before applying any nail paint or enamel, you must keep your nails clean and dry. It will be even better if you do a manicure before applying nail polish. You can also use hand wash or shampoo to clean the nails properly. After that, dry the nails in the natural air.

Step-2: Apply the base

When you want to paint your nails and create designs on them, you should apply a base nail polish. You can use Essence gel nail polish with a base color. Dry the base coat for a couple of minutes in a natural process.

Step-3: Apply nail polish

After drying the base coat, apply the nail polish according to your choice. You can make any design or pattern, whatever suits you. Then dry this coat for a sufficient time. You should let the nails dry for a long time because this is the second coat of gel polish.

Step-4: Apply top coat

After drying the colored nail polish, you can apply a top coat. The top coat can be transparent Essence gel nail polish. This coat will also take a little longer time to dry. Don’t use your hand for other tasks until the nails dry. Otherwise, the nail paint might be removed.

Step-5: Drying the nail polish

Finally, you should dry the nail polish after applying the top coat. This is the final coat, so you must dry the nails for sufficient time. You can also use some other methods, like you can use a fan or soaking your nails in ice water for a couple of seconds. This will harden the final coat properly.

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Final Thoughts

Essence gel nail polish is trendy nowadays for its ease of application. Moreover, this nail enamel is long-lasting. It dries quickly and provides a glossy finish on the nails. For quick durability, some people want to use UV on this nail gel.

But using UV is not necessary in this case. The Essence gel is long-lasting once it hardens. That’s why applying UV is not compulsory. Still, if someone wishes to use UV for better results, she can use it. Otherwise, limited UV light is recommended.

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