Can You Put Gel Top Coat over Nail Wraps?

Are you one of the style icons with a curious mind? Are you wondering if a gel top coat can be applicable over nail wraps so you can get an extra tier of protection and glow? If that is the case, this precious piece of blog is just for you. So, many of you have a query – can you put gel top coat over nail wraps?

can you put gel top coat over nail wraps
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In short, the answer is yes. You definitely can. But there are some other issues to watch out for. You should make sure your nails are clean and not hurt or cut. You must follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. It also depends on what kind of nail wraps you’re using. Some nail wraps come with a top coat already included. If that’s the case, an added layer of gel coat is unnecessary.

Again, some gel coats perform poorly with some specific kinds of nail wraps. It’s good to be cautious about that too. Still unclear, right?

Let’s open up more to give you a sound idea about the issue.

Can You Put a Top Coat on Nail Wraps?

The top coats are generally normal nail polish with a transparent solution. The materials and solutions are similar to nail polishes but do not contain color pigments. These top coats can be applied on different types of nail wraps that are made of vinyl, polymer, silk, etc. 

Nail wraps are invented to put nail art on the nails that last a long time. A top coat on the wraps makes them even more long-lasting. It gives the wraps extra protection. 

Most of the time, the top coat is a clear coat. Sometimes users apply the same color top coat according to the designs and choices. But a clear coat will reveal the design well and give the nails a shiny finish. 

A top coat over the nail wraps ensures the durability and shine of the wraps. Not all the top coats would be beneficial. You must carefully choose the top coat depending on the wrap you apply to the nails. 

However, it comes with some uninvited drawbacks too. Nail wraps need a lot of preparation before the process of application. Also, nail health is compromised every time you use acetone to remove it. 

That’s why washing your nails gently and thoroughly after removing them is advised. Taking regular breaks between nail wraps is also important.

Can You Put Gel Top Coat over Nail Wraps?

The gel-based coat over nail wraps continues to give you a fresh shining look for a more extended period of time. It gives your nails freedom from daily wear and tear. You feel like you left the salon only yesterday.  

This type coating is very customizable. You can try many artistic designs and variations on your nails with the benefit it provides. It allows you to express your creative mind. 

In general, nail wraps last about two weeks which is fantastic. But if you apply a gel-based top coat over it, you can take the durability game even further, maybe, three weeks or even a month!

However, there are some disadvantages too. Our nails need a sufficient amount of nutrition and oxygen. With long time use of gel coat over nail wraps makes the nail bed thinner. It also disturbs our free nail growth.

That’s why it is best to give your nails a break sometimes. Experts suggest it be once every eight weeks.

So, following the proper instructions, you can try your preferred gel top coat over nail wraps.

Young girls, especially teenagers, love to wear different kinds of makeup and imitate adult women. The truth may disappoint young girls. But experts do not recommend gel coats for teenagers younger than 15 to 16 years old. The purpose behind this restriction is that top coat can prevent their natural nail growth.

The nails of teenagers are generally thin. Their nails grow both in length and width, unlike adult women. That’s why gel polish is too much for their age. An early introduction to gel polish restricts the natural growth of nail plates. So, it’s safe to say women over 16 can try gel-made top coats over nail wraps.

Can You Use Gel Base and Top Coat with Nail Wraps?

The gel base is commonly used as a base for preparing healthy natural nails. It can be easily mixed with other gels and colors. It provides a healthy layer for the nail. 

Whether you are a common nail polish user or not, a gel base is always recommended for nail wraps. The gel base is applied with gel nail polish so that it can create a shiny and glossy finish. 

The gel base and top coat are compatible with gel nail polish. It creates a suitable combination for any user. 

But some nail wraps contain additional gel inside. In that case, a gel base is not recommended. But if you insist on using them both, it may backfire on nail health.

A too-thick layer of gel would suffocate the nail. It might result in nail skin cracks, cuticle peeling, and much more. You should always check and match the user’s manual and follow the route.

Apart from that, it is always encouraged to try this combination. 

Can You Put Gel Top Coat over Regular Nail Polish?

The properties of gel coat and nail polish differ. The gel-based top coat is invented to dry quickly and provide you with a fresh, smooth, smudge-proof look in a small period of time.

On the other hand, usual nail polish may take as long as 24 hours to dry completely. If you apply a gel coat over regular polish, moisture could be locked in by the gel polish.

That may cause serious nail health concerns. Because trapped moisture creates a suitable environment for fungus.

But you can still try this blend but with proper instructions. You have to be patient enough to wait for a day. It would be best to let the nail polish completely dry before applying gel top coating. 

You may consider applying nail polish and top gel coat on different days. So, if you manage to follow the necessary instructions, you can try this out.

But for people who can’t dedicate two days to this process, there may be better options than this combination.

Can You Put UV Gel Top Coat over Regular Nail Polish?

UV gel coats provide more durability than any other gel coat. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to dry. On the contrary, nail polish consumes a lot of time comparatively.

Apparently, specialists do not recommend this combination. It bears the possibility of multiple drawbacks. One of the main reasons is the potentiality of trapped moisture.

The polish will smudge and appear cloudy if the moisture gets locked inside. Needless to say, that ruins the whole purpose of the manicure

Some nail salons ignore the risk of it. They try to get the job done before the nail polish dries totally. That’s why you should make the decision wisely.

You should never apply the UV gel top too early. It’s better to complete the process in two days.

Nevertheless, you can try this out following the instructions mentioned above.

What Happens if You Put Gel Top Coat on Regular Nail Polish?

Gel-made top coat and usual nail polish are two different products with different levels of consistency. However, it can be managed well by properly obeying the rules and regulations. 

The top coat might take a longer time to dry. Generally, the gel top coat needs UV light to harden it. But the top coat will peel off from the nails if you don’t use UV light. 

Also, conventional nail polish can become cloudy. They are not durable as the gel coating. Regular nail polish tends to peel off before the gel top coat wears out. So, there’s a good chance of ruining the look every time.

For the abovementioned problems, experts often do not recommend using a gel-based top coat over nail polish. But if you want to apply it anyway, following the instructions is the only way.

See How to Apply Gel Over Nail Wraps:

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, applying a gel top coat over nail wraps is encouraged for long-lasting durability and a sparkling finish. Selecting good quality products always saves the day for you, preventing unwanted troubles. 

Besides, you can surely put a gel-based coat over nail wraps. After ensuring your nail is sealed correctly, you can apply a top coat and gel base with nail wraps.

A UV gel coat over nail polish increases longevity and glow. You can also try out a gel top layer on regular polish. Your nail should be okay if you follow the instructions correctly.

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