Can You Put Gel Polish on Fake Nails?

Fake nails and styling them with different types of nail polishes have become a remarkable trend for stylish people. Regarding this fact, questions arise like this one – can you put gel polish on fake nails.

You can certainly style your fake nails with gel nail polish. Also, it will stay on your fake acrylic nails for almost two or three weeks. Besides that, if you put a top coat over the gel nail polish, it ensures the longevity of the gel polish to some extent.

can you put gel polish on fake nails

But you also need to make sure that the acrylic nails are done recently and in proper way. Otherwise, if the nails expire, the gel polish might betray you.

Why People Want to Apply Gel Polish on Fake Nails?

There are many reasons for people that they apply gel polish on fake nails. It provides both advantages and disadvantages but the former surpasses the latter. That’s why gel nail polish is so trendy for both fake and real nails.

  • Looks Gorgeous – First of all, it is the look on your nails that all matters and gel polish has this amazing charm in it that attracts other people easily. They look glossy and pop out even in less light. Besides, they come in varieties and different beautiful colors.
  • Worth an Application – Gel nail polish is worth applying toyour filed fake nails as it does not require any extra materials. You can simply apply it like other ordinary nail polishes if you want it for a short lifespan. Besides that, as the texture of gel nail polish is a little bit thick, it does not run through your nails and ruins the cuticles.
  • Easy to Remove – Many people fear that gel nail polish is hard to remove even with acetone. This is a wrong assumption because your gel nail polish cannot fight the removal agent of acetone. That’s why you can easily remove it with acetone. But acetone can ruin your fake nails if you do not be more careful. In that case, you can avoid using acetone and adopt many branded organic non-acetone gel nail polish removers with ease and it will not even take more than 2 or 3 minutes.
  • Comes with Different Price Range – You can get gel nail polish from a reasonable price range to an expensive price range. It offers different diversities with its different textures that attract all phases of people.

Can You Put Gel Polish on Fake Nails?

The crossover of gel polish and fake nails has always been a great wonder to people who like to style their nails in a unique way. For fake nails, the trending use of acrylic nails has become so huge that almost every salon offers a discount on doing nails.

However, the question is whether these fake nails can stand gel polish or not because gel polish is no ordinary polish and it has great pigmentation. But there are some other things you need to consider about your fake nails.

As fake nails are not completely capable, you need to increase the adherence power of the nails. And by filing the fake acrylic nails, you can bring the great adherence capacity of the nails. This process might seem a little bit difficult but once you are used to the process, you will know how worth the whole process is. Besides, it’s worth your time as well even though it is time-consuming.

But your effort will be paid off soon when you apply the gel polish to your fake nails following the right process because then your nails will look amazing and healthy at the same time.

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish on Fake Nails?

As we have already said that applying gel nail polish on fake nails requires some extra preparation, and you might think that it is very challenging. But in reality, the process is not very challenging rather it is fun to take extra notice of your nails to make them beautiful.

However, you can simply to go a salon and have your acrylic nails done with gel nail polish. This is money worthy too. But if you want to save some extra penny, you can start doing it at your home right away following the process we are going to provide now.

We assume that you have already done the fake or acrylic nails on your real nails and only tell you how you make them prepare and how you are going to apply the gel nail polish on them.

Step 1: Fit and Shape Your Acrylic Nails

It is the foremost duty to fit your fake nails on your real nails. Not only that but also you need to shape the fake nails too. Cut or trim them to your desired size and even the edges properly. It is important so you don’t feel irritated by the uneven edges of your fake nails.

Step 2: File the Nails

The next step is to file your fake nails. Gel has the tendency to warp when you apply it on a smooth surface. That’s why filing fake nails is important. This process makes the surface of fake nails rough and increases the adherence quality of the surface. Just make sure you are covering the whole acrylic part while buffing it.

Step 3: Apply a Gel Nail Polish

Now that you have buffed your acrylic nails properly, you should move to the next primal step and that is to apply gel nail polish on fake nails. But before that, you need to wipe out the dust and residue coming out of acrylic nails while buffing. Use a damp rag and gently clean the nails.

Then when the nails get dried completely, apply the gel nail polish on the fake nails with proper care. Make sure you choose the color and brand wisely for your nails. Also, while applying, give a very thin coat on all over your nails carefully. A thick coat will do no good and rather ruins your nails.

Step 4: Let the Nail Polish Dry

After applying a thin coat on the fake nails properly, you need to give them some time to dry. An LED lamp will save your time by curing the gel polish within only thirty seconds. However, after the gel polish is cured on fake nails completely, use a hand moisturizer to make the cuticles healthy. And voila! You are done with the job.

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Things to Follow while Using Gel Polish on Fake Nails

There are some basic facts that you should and shouldn’t do while using gel polish on fake nails. Following these can increase the longevity of your gel polish on fake nails and also can make you feel good and your nails look amazing.

Buff Your Real Nails

You need to buff your real nails before you place acrylic nails on them. Buffing means increasing adhesion on your nails. It actually helps the fake nails to stick to the real nails in an effective way.

Using a Quality Primer

It is important to use quality primer on your real nails so the fake nails stick to them real quickly and efficiently. Also, you need to make sure that the primer is applied carefully. These things prior to the application of gel nail polish are important, otherwise, the whole process will be pointless.

Push Your Cuticles

While pressing the acrylic nails, you are not supposed to cut the cuticles. You simply push it and let the acrylic nails get set on your real nails. Don’t evoke danger and unhealthy skin by cutting the cuticles.

Buff the Fake Nails

You have to buff the fake acrylic nails to make them rough. This is a crucial point and you need to always remember it. The rough surface of your fake nails can provide much adherence to the gel nail polish. You can even enjoy the nail polish for two or three weeks at a stretch without cracking the polish.

Apply a Top Coat

It is not mandatory but applying a topcoat legit helps the gel polish to stay in its place for a longer time. Also, this coating makes the gel nail polish pop out as well.

Apply a Moisturizer

For your cuticles, you need to moisturize them and make them hydrated every time you apply gel nail polish or remove them with the help of a remover.

Can You Put Gel Nail Polish on Plastic Tips?

The general and basic answer to this question is positive. Yes, you can certainly apply gel nail polish on plastic tips. But whether it is the little extension on the tip of your finger or the whole nail tip, you need to buff them.

Any fake tips or nails; take a file and start filing them to make them rough. This way your gel nail polish will stick to the nails and plastic tips more promisingly.

Can You Put Gel Top Coat on Press on Nails?

For press-on nails, using a quality top coat is useful. It helps the press-on nails to shine more brightly. Also, it works like a medicine for press-on nails. There are different types of top coats. Both matt top coat and gel top coat or any kind of qualitative top coat are appreciable. Therefore, you can surely use a gel top coat on the press on nails to style it in different ways.

How to Make Fake Nails Look Professional?

First of all, if you mean natural by saying professional, then it is possible that you can make your fake nails look real and not at all artificial. But for this, you need some skills and patience too. Only practice can help you to bring a professional or natural look to your nails and the following steps too can do it.

Step 1: Adopt an Artificial Nail Kit

Bringing home an artificial nail kit will cost you depending on what nail kit you are adopting. For the gel nail kit you will have to provide more money. It offers more of a natural look to your nails than the other two kinds of nail kits which are acrylic and press-on.

Step 2: Clean Your Nails

It is important that you start off the process of manicuring by cleaning your fingers, nails, and hands properly. Cleaning off the dust and wiping out the dirt, oils, or lotions with an antibacterial soap assist in providing a professional-like result.

Step 3: File the Nails

Now you need to file your nails properly. This step is to prepare your nails for the next move. After filing properly and carefully, you need to wipe out the dust gently.

Step 4: Apply a Primer and Place Fake Nails

Now when your real nails arecured, apply quality and branded primer. You can also use glue for this job. Using the artificial nail kit, apply the fake nails. The instruction is given on the kit and they are some basic rules that you will understand easily.

By pushing the cuticles backward, set the fake nails according to your nails. Give the primer or glue some time to let the fake nails stick to the real nails.

Step 5: Buff Again and Apply Nail Polish

To make the fake nails more natural, use nail polish. But to make the nail polish lasts longer, use the same file that you have used to buff your real nails and start buffing your fake nails again. After filing, you can apply a nude or gel nail polish to make your nails look professional-like and beautiful. And that’s how you do the job.

How Long Does Gel Polish Last on Fake Nails?

Gel polish lasts for one or two week at best on fake nails. But if you want to have one more week of service, then apply a top coat to preserve the gel polish. That means the longevity of gel polish on fake nails depend on some factors. Your preparation and applying should be good to ensure higher lifetime.

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Final Thoughts

People who like to update their selves with trending beauties, they know how important for them to learn the answer to the question “can you put gel polish on fake nails”. As the answer is relieving, one should definitely try this out at home.

To save some penny, we have already provided all the possible answers and related facts above so you can do the whole process at home with ease. Just follow our whole article and you will get to know what you should do with your nails.

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