Can You Cure Sally Hansen Miracle Gel with LED Light?

Undoubtedly, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a professional game-changer when you apply it over your nails. You surely have bought the product out of its craze in the beauty market. Now, while using it question arises, can you cure Sally Hansen Miracle Gel with LED?

Well, this inexpensive gel is surely not like other typical gels. In fact, the miracle gel is easy to apply and the curing is also quick. It does not take more than 10 minutes to cure. Yet, many users want to speed up the curing process. But suggestions are given on not to cure the gel with LED.

can you cure Sally Hansen Miracle Gel with LED
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So, let’s give you a radical idea regarding the topic to clear all your confusion. Read it thoroughly and make your journey with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel a never-ending one.

Can You Cure Sally Hansen Miracle Gel with LED Light?

As we said earlier, you should not put your Sally Hansen Miracle Gel under an LED light. The formula of the gel compound is different. It will not cure properly when shedding under such device.

Before getting into anything, know the reasons why you cannot cure Sally Hansen Miracle Gel with LED.

  • To speak fact, most users of the product do not know that the product is only a gel-like compound. It is not a real gel that will work under the LED light. That means whether you choose to put your nails under UV or LED lamps, your nails will not cure.
  • The wavelength of the light has nothing to do with the gel, unlike other gel polishes. It is simply because the internal components are different and air-drying. However, the gel is supposed to last longer than other similar products from different brands.
  • Moreover, the formula does not contain photoinitiators. So, it will not work under any light devices including LED lamps.

So, what aids to cure Sally Hansen Miracle Gel? Well, the answer simply is the air. Just let your nails be exposed to air to cure the gel.

Again, if you are still having a hard time curing your newly purchased Sally Hansen Miracle Gel after applying, let us give you some ideas.

Firstly, try to apply thinner coats of gel on your nails. Thinner coats will not take longer than a couple of minutes to dry. nonetheless, to cure completely, it may take some more time. But what we are trying to say is that thinner coats cure faster than thick coats.

Secondly, if you are up to applying multiple layers of the gel, then wait after each coat. Only go for another coat when the previous coat is cured properly. Otherwise, you will not get a smooth finish.

Additionally, do not rush the application process. Make sure that you are applying an even coat of the gel.

Finally, make sure your nails get to breathe in the air when you are done applying. Because we have already mentioned that only air can cure the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. So, let your nail cure naturally when you are using this very specific gel. The process will take roughly 10 minutes.

Moreover, let’s discuss things not to do for achieving quick curing.

  • You may go for the funny idea of getting a heater to quicken the curing process. But it will only ruin the shine of your nails let alone cure.
  • Also, never try to get your nails into the freezer. It will also bring the same result we mentioned just above.
  • Thinking of getting a hair dryer? Well, no! Stop thinking right away.

How Long Does It Take Sally Hansen Gel to Cure with LED Light?

Though using LED light with Sally Hansen gel polish is not recommended, if you do anyway, you can get the result below.

Like any other gel polish, Sally Hansen Gel also takes only a few seconds to cure properly. The users have confirmed, it takes around 30 seconds for the gel to cure with LED light. It delivers better results when you choose the Sally Hansen LED light curing system for this purpose.

It gives a beautiful finish when you apply following the right method. Make sure to shake the container properly and then apply a thin coat.

After applying one layer of the gel coat, it is time to cure. But before that be sure the edges of your nails are free of gel or polish. After cleaning the nail edges, insert your nail under the lamp. Take your four fingers first at a time and then insert your thumbnail.

Then again, apply the second coat of your Sally Hansen Gel and then put your nails under the LED light for another 30 seconds. Nonetheless, two coatings are enough to get your nails perfectly done. However, you can go for at best three coats at a given time. Going for a fourth coat won’t be wise.

Pros and Cons of Curing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel with LED Light

There are basically no pros to using LED light for curing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. These gels are specially made with no requirement for LED or UV lights for curing or drying.

The name miracle refers to the fact that the gel lasts surprisingly longer than other usual gels. Then again, if you are using the Sally Hansen LED light, then you might come across some benefits.


  • Cures nails in seconds.
  • Makes the nails look good.
  • It won’t hurt the curing process.


  • Does not always work on the Miracle gel.
  • Natural drying looks way better and glossier.
  • Quickening the process does not allow it to achieve the actual goal.
  • It is only considered as hassles.

So, clearly, there are more disadvantages to curing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel with LED light. Hence, avoiding the use of LED light while curing the gel can save you from many unwanted situations.

Alternatives to Curing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel with LED Light

The only alternative to curing Sally Hansen Miracle is to let the gel dry naturally. It already comes with fast-drying formula. So, just exposing your nails to the air will do the job.

Therefore, if you are applying this Miracle Gel make sure you are situated in a well-ventilated place. Thus, by being patient and having your nails exposed to air, you can get it cured.

Final Thoughts

Long story short, curing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel with LED is not the best idea. Though the gel is typical yet, its formula is different. Its fast-drying components tend to cure naturally. Using other ways would just be a waste of time.

Also, using an LED lamp has zero benefits since it is not manufactured with photoinitiators. However, you can still use the device as it will not hamper your nails. But now that you are acknowledged enough regarding the fact, so you can decide what to do.

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