Are All China Glaze Nail Polishes Matte? (Unlock the Secret)

When it comes to the world of nail polish, China Glaze has established itself as a trendsetter and a go-to brand for many beauty enthusiasts. With their vast array of colors, finishes, and formulas, China Glaze offers a wide selection to suit every nail art lover’s desires.

Among the questions that often arise about this beloved brand-

Are all China Glaze nail polishes matte? No, not all China Glaze nail polishes are matte. China Glaze offers a range of finishes, including matte, shimmer, glitter, and creme.

are all china glaze nail polishes matte
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From dazzling shimmers to high-gloss shines and beyond, let’s shatter the misconception and discover the true versatility that lies within China Glaze nail polishes.

What Kind of Nail Polish Is Matte?

Matte nail polish is a type of nail lacquer that dries to a non-shiny, flat finish. It has gained popularity in recent years due to its unique and sophisticated look. Check it out some key characteristics and details about matte nail polish:


Matte nail polish has a velvety, satin-like finish with no shine or glossiness. It offers a smooth and non-reflective appearance on the nails.


It’s generally thicker in texture compared to traditional glossy polishes. This thicker consistency helps create the desired matte effect when the polish dries.


Matte nail colors usually have intense pigmentation. They come in a wide range of colors, from vibrant shades to muted tones, allowing for various creative nail art designs.


Matte polishes are often formulated differently from regular glossy polishes. They may contain ingredients that create a flat, non-reflective surface when dry. Some brands also offer matte topcoats that can be applied over regular polish to achieve a matte finish.


Applying matte colors requires some specific techniques to regular nail polish. It is recommended to apply a base coat before the matte polish to prevent staining and to create a smooth base. It should be applied in thin, even coats, allowing each layer to dry before adding another.

Color range:

Matte nail finishes are available in a wide range of colors, from vibrant shades to muted and pastel tones. The lack of shine can create a unique effect on different hues, enhancing their richness and depth.

Top coat:

Unlike regular nail polish, matte nail polish does not require a glossy top coat. Applying a shiny top coat will diminish the matte effect. However, you can use a matte top coat to prolong the wear time and refresh the matte appearance if desired.

Drying time:

Matte generally dries faster compared to glossy polishes due to their thicker consistency. However, it is still advisable to allow sufficient drying time between coats to ensure a smooth and even finish.


This nail polish tends to be less resistant to chipping and wear compared to glossy polishes. To extend the wear time, it is advisable to apply a matte topcoat or a clear protective topcoat over the matte polish to add a layer of protection and increase longevity.


Removing matte polish is similar to removing regular polish. Nail polish removers that are acetone-based or contain acetone are usually effective in removing matte polish. Soaking a cotton pad with the remover and holding it on the nail for a few seconds before wiping it away helps in the removal process.

Nail art:

The nail finish is a popular choice for nail art designs. Its non-reflective finish provides a unique canvas for various creative techniques such as matte gradients, negative space designs, stamping, and matte accent nails.

Nail care:

Matte nail gloss may require additional care to maintain its appearance. Matte finishes are more prone to showing imperfections, such as ridges or dryness on the nails. Regular moisturizing and nail care routines can help keep the nails in optimal condition.

Are All China Glaze Nail Polishes Matte?

No, not every China Glaze nail polish possesses a matte finish. It does have a specific line of matte nail polishes called the “China Glaze Matte Magic” collection. This collection features nail polishes that dry to a matte finish, providing a velvety texture without any shine or gloss. The Matte Magic collection typically includes shades such as black, white, and various bold colors.

Matte nail polishes are one of the finishes they provide, and they are characterized by a smooth, non-shiny appearance. Matte finishes are often favored for their understated and sophisticated look.

While their product line includes several other finishes as well China Glaze also offers other finishes such as crème, shimmer, glitter, metallic, holographic, and duochrome.

Crème finishes are opaque, solid colors with a glossy shine, providing a classic and versatile look. Shimmer contains fine shimmer particles that give the nails a subtle sparkle and shine. Glitter polishes are packed with glitter particles of various sizes, adding a bold and eye-catching effect to the nails.

Metallic colors have a reflective, metallic sheen, often resembling the appearance of metals like gold or silver. Holographic feature a mesmerizing, multi-dimensional effect that reflects different colors under different lighting conditions. Lastly, duochrome exhibits two different colors depending on the angle and lighting, creating a captivating color shift on the nails.

With such a diverse range of finishes available, China Glaze allows nail polish enthusiasts to experiment with different looks and styles. Whether you prefer a chic matte finish or a sparkling glitter effect, China Glaze has options to suit your taste and desired outcome.

Introducing China Glaze Matte Nail Polish

China Glaze offers a collection of matte shades that will elevate your nail game to new levels. Let’s dive into the details of some standout options:

China Glaze “Dandy Lyin’ Around”:

This delicate matte white shade is perfect for creating a clean and minimalist look. Its creamy texture applies smoothly and dries quickly to a velvety matte finish. “Dandy Lyin’ Around” adds a touch of elegance to any ensemble and is ideal for those who love understated sophistication.

China Glaze “Gothic Lolita”:

Make a bold statement with “Gothic Lolita,” a rich matte black polish. This intense shade exudes mystery and confidence, making it perfect for those who embrace their dark side. Its smooth formula glides on effortlessly and offers full coverage with just one coat, leaving you with a striking, velvety matte manicure.

China Glaze “Vintage Vixen”:

Channel your inner retro diva with “Vintage Vixen,” a stunning matte burgundy shade. This timeless color exudes sophistication and elegance, making it a versatile choice for both formal occasions and everyday wear. The rich pigmentation and luxurious matte finish of “Vintage Vixen” will surely turn heads wherever you go.

China Glaze “Sagebrush”:

Capture the essence of nature with “Sagebrush,” a trendy matte sage green polish. This unique shade adds a touch of serenity and freshness to your nails, making it perfect for the spring and summer seasons. “Sagebrush” offers a smooth application and a long-lasting, chip-resistant formula, ensuring your manicure stays flawless for days.

China Glaze “Rebel”:

Unleash your rebellious side with “Rebel,” a striking matte navy blue polish. This bold and edgy shade is ideal for those who love to make a statement. Its highly pigmented formula provides full coverage and a smooth matte finish, guaranteeing a manicure that stands out from the crowd.

China Glaze “Cirque du Soleil:

This limited-edition collection by China Glaze features a range of matte nail polishes inspired by the magical world of Cirque du Soleil. The collection includes various matte shades, each with a unique and vibrant color.

China Glaze “Crinkled Chromes”:

This collection showcases nail polishes with a unique crinkled texture and a matte metallic finish. The polishes in this collection provide an edgy and modern matte look with a slightly textured surface.

China Glaze “Maniology:

Gelly Matte Nail Polish Collection”: In collaboration with Maniology, China Glaze released a collection of gelly matte nail polishes. These polishes offer a combination of a gel-like finish and a matte effect, resulting in a smooth and velvety appearance.

So, whether you prefer soft and feminine hues or bold and daring shades, there’s a China Glaze matte polish to suit every occasion and mood. Get ready to rock matte nails that are both trendy and timeless with China Glaze!

How to Identify Matte Nail Polishes in China Glaze Range?

To identify matte nail polishes in the China Glaze range, you can follow the steps below:

Description of labeling or packaging that indicates matte finish:

Look for the word “Matte” or “Velvet” on the front label: China Glaze often includes a specific indication of the finish on the front label of their matte nail polishes. It may be written as “Matte” or “Velvet” to clearly identify the matte finish.

Check the back label or packaging for a description: Flip the nail polish bottle or packaging and read the information provided. Look for keywords like “matte,” “satin,” “flat,” or “dull” in the description or features section. These words are commonly used to indicate matte finishes.

Look for a matte symbol or icon: Some brands may use specific symbols or icons to represent different finishes. While China Glaze might not have a standardized symbol, they might use a matte-specific icon on their packaging or label to help identify matte nail polishes. Keep an eye out for symbols like a flat brush stroke or a surface with a non-glossy appearance.

Online resources or guides to help identify matte nail polishes:

Visit the official China Glaze website: Check the official China Glaze official website and browse their product catalog. They usually provide detailed descriptions and images of each nail polish, including information about the finish. Look for keywords such as “matte” or “velvet” in the product descriptions to identify the matte options.

Consult online beauty retailers or nail polish review websites: Many online beauty retailers and nail polish review websites provide detailed product descriptions and images. These platforms often mention the finish of the nail polish, including whether it’s matte. Look for keywords like “matte” or “velvet” in the product descriptions or filter options.

Join beauty or nail polish forums and communities: Online forums and communities dedicated to beauty or nail polish enthusiasts can be a great resource. You can ask fellow members for recommendations or seek their expertise in identifying matte nail polishes from the China Glaze range. They may have personal experiences or knowledge about specific shades.

Recommendations for contacting China Glaze customer support for assistance:

If you’re still unable to identify matte nail polishes in the China Glaze range, you can reach out to their customer support for assistance. Here’s how you can contact them:

Visit the China Glaze official website: Go to the official China Glaze website and look for a “Contact” or “Customer Support” section. They might provide a contact form or email address that you can use to send your query.

Email China Glaze customer support: If you find an email address for customer support, send them an email explaining your question or concern. Be sure to mention that you’re specifically looking for matte nail polishes in their range and ask for their guidance or recommendations.

Utilize social media platforms: China Glaze may have official social media accounts on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You can try reaching out to them through direct messages or by commenting on their posts, asking for help in identifying matte nail polishes.

Remember to provide specific details or shade names if you have any, as it can help the customer support team or fellow enthusiasts assist you more effectively.

Always double-check the labeling or product descriptions to ensure you have the matte finish you desire. With these tips and resources, you’ll be able to identify and select the perfect matte nail polishes from the China Glaze range for a chic and sophisticated manicure.

Can Regular Nail Polish be Matte?

Regular nail polish typically has a shiny or glossy finish. However, it is possible to achieve a matte effect with regular nail polish by applying a matte top coat or by using specific techniques.

Matte top coats are specifically formulated to transform the shiny finish of regular nail polish into a matte appearance. These top coats typically contain ingredients that dry down to a matte finish when applied over nail polish. They create a smooth, non-reflective surface that gives nails a velvety, matte look.

China Glaze Top Coat That Transforms Any Regular Nail Polish into a Matte Finish:

China Glaze “Matte Magic”: This is a topcoat specifically designed to transform any regular nail polish into a matte finish. It provides a smooth and velvety appearance, giving your nails a stylish matte look. By applying the “Matte Magic” topcoat over any China Glaze or other nail polish, you can achieve a matte effect.

China Glaze “Gone Matte Top Coat”: This is another topcoat offered by China Glaze that gives a matte finish to your nails. It can be applied over any nail polish color to transform it into a chic and sophisticated matte look.

To achieve a matte effect without a matte top coat, you can try a technique called the “cornstarch method.” By adding a small amount of cornstarch to your regular nail polish, you can create a homemade matte polish. The cornstarch will give the polish a thicker consistency and a matte finish when it dries on the nails.

While using these methods can make your nails look matte, the matte effect might not last as long as it would with a proper matte nail polish. Moreover, some regular nail polishes may not work as well with these techniques due to variations in their formulation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Matte Nails Elegant?

Yes, matte nails are undeniably elegant. The smooth, non-shiny finish exudes sophistication and adds a touch of understated glamour to any look. The velvety texture of matte nails offers a refined and refined appearance that is both chic and classy. Whether in soft pastel hues or bold, deep shades, the absence of gloss showcases a modern and effortlessly stylish aesthetic. Matte nails provide an elegant and contemporary twist to traditional manicures, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a sophisticated and fashionable nail trend.

Are Matte Nail Polishes from China Glaze Chip-resistant?

China Glaze matte nail polishes typically offer a long-lasting and chip-resistant matte finish. The formulation is designed to deliver a smooth and opaque matte appearance while minimizing chipping and wear.

keep in mind, individual factors like nail condition, application technique, and daily activities can affect the longevity and durability. Using a base coat and top coat can further enhance the wear time and protection of the matte finish.

Do China Glaze Matte Nail Polishes Require Any Special Application Technique?

China Glaze matte nail polishes do not require any special application techniques or additional products. Simply apply the polish onto clean, dry nails using the brush provided. Allow it to dry completely for a matte finish without the need for a topcoat or any other products.

Where Can I Find a List of China Glaze Matte Nail Polish Shades?

A comprehensive list or guide of China Glaze matte nail polish shades can be found on the official China Glaze website, under the “Products” or “Nail Lacquer” section.

You can also find information on various online beauty retailers, such as Ulta, Amazon, and Sally Beauty, which often provide detailed product listings including shade names and swatches.

Final Verdict

China Glaze understands the diverse preferences of nail polish enthusiasts and caters to various style choices and trends. Their extensive product line includes both matte and non-matte options, allowing individuals to explore different finishes and experiment with various looks.

Though China Glaze is well-known for its vast collection of vibrant and eye-catching matte nail polishes, not all China Glaze nail polishes are matte.

If you’re looking for a consistently matte finish, you may want to consider investing in matte nail polishes. It is essential to carefully read the product description or label to determine the desired finish. Some shades may specifically mention a matte finish, while others may indicate a different effect.

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