About Us

Hello! Welcome to Nailfits.com, your go-to source for all things nail-related.

I am Sofia River, a passionate enthusiast of nail art. With a team, I’ve been operating a nail salon and performing nail arts for several years. From our experience, we deal with a huge variety of nail polishes and nail care products. So, this site is the brainchild of our work and passion.

In my opinion, using nail products and nail art is one of the most glamorous ways to enhance one’s impression. Through nail paints, one can express her creativity, imagination, and personality. Furthermore, practicing nail art is an incredible and passionate activity today. As a beauty-concerned person, I always recommend the best and most compatible nail products. Also, based on my own experience, I suggest nail products that are safe to use.

I also love to do experiments with nail products and nail art. But sometimes I realize a lot of beauty-concerned persons face hassle in creating professional quality nails. That’s why I have started this journey to help them with my own experience and research with nail products. I review nail-related accessories from my passion and try to provide the best information.

On this site, my team and I recommend nail products and nail care-related tips. We also think that beauties should perform their own nail art and care in less time and make a cost-effective decision. Moreover, we help to find out the easiest way to perform different arts.

Besides tricks and tips, buying guides for nail polishes and products are available in this place. We made this platform an easy and reliable place to help you out with nail accessories. We are also trying to upgrade different articles according to your requirements.